Monday, October 31, 2011

Things that Caught my Eye- October

This month has been a crazy one for me. We just had this huge gala event for Special Olympics last week that basically sucked up all of my time, and we have two big events next of which is really big for me as I am running the whole event (its a golf tournament. hooray!). But that doesn't mean I haven't found time to find some covet-able things!

1. Mac Nailpolish in Immortal Gold- I have seriously been wearing this nail polish all month. It is the perfect gold and I am SO obsessed with it. I think I am going to take it off my nails and repaint it tonight. You know what is funniest about this is the fact that I could not even paint my own nails until I watched some youtube videos...and now I am kind of really into buying different colors of nail polish, because I can finally paint my own nails now! Oh and just a side note, Forever 21 has the most amazing collection of nail polishes for super cheap! I bought 3 for just 10 dollars!

2. Soap and Glory- I had never heard of this brand before, but after seeing it at Sephora I am hooked. I think it is the cute packaging that first drew me to it, but I now have bought a few of the products and I am absolutely hooked. Everything smells amazing! I think the Girligo spray lotion is my smells delicious.

3. Hunter Rain boots- Thinking about where I might be next year has really put in the mood to wear fall and winter clothing. I am particularly obsessed with rain boots. I really love the knit sock sticking out of rain boots look and I think these may be the perfect pair of rain boots...I love the brown and black together.

4. Red Sunglasses- I saw a pair of bright red square Dior sunglasses at a store the other day and I've been a little bit obsessed ever since! The Dior ones were extremely expensive here in Singapore, but I spotted these Marc by Marc ones online and think these are very similar. Plus I love the bow detail. I love sunglasses and have many pairs, but I hardly wear them in Singapore, since I spend so much time inside because of the heat.

5. Inslee Haynes Illustrations- I discovered her stuff on pinterest. I am telling you I am completely obsessed with pinterest, but I may be even more obsessed with Inslee Hayne's illustrations. Her stuff is so cute and she does commissions...and I kind of want one! I wonder how expensive one would be. You should check out her blog...I spent an entire evening just going through all of her posts staring at her cute illustrations. Sometimes I really wish I was artistic.

Well now that you've seen some of things that have caught my eye this month...tell me what are some of the things you have been obsessed with. Until next time my lovelies, XXOO!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cake Baking Love

So pinterest has been inspiring me to try to bake and decorate cakes! Actually pinterest has been inspiring me in a lot of aspects of life like hair, makeup and style. I used to love buying magazines and looking at all the pictures. Now I can look at tons of pictures through pinterest! But back to the high school I used to bake all the time and bring the treats I made to school to share with friends. I sort of stopped baking in college and have recently fell back into it!

I have only been baking stuff from boxes though, so I guess its not REAL baking, but I figured I could build back into that. But I've made a few cakes for birthdays and someone actually paid me to make a cake for their boyfriend! So here is a look at some of the creations I have made in the past few months:

pink gradient cake for p's birthday

the cake someone paid me to make

halloween cake!

The only thing about baking is that there are never enough people to finish my creations..that probably means I need more friends or something, Well I am trying to think of something new to try next...until next time, XXOO!


So last weekend P and I went to Bangkok for a shopping trip! Bangkok is maybe the most amazing city for shopping. We spent 2 whole days shopping and it was amazing! We spent the first day shopping at MBK. I think we spent 7 hours there and did not get bored. If you are ever in Bangkok you must check out MBK!

Here is a look at some of the stuff we bought there:

a look at everything p and i bought on day one

the 4 scarves I bought! I love scarves


nail polish that was 3 for 3 dollars! such pretty colors

We also discovered this restaurant called Sumo which had the most amazing green curry I've ever had in my life! So delicious I wish I could go back just for it. There is also this great little toast shop that has toast with all kinds of toppings and delicious thai iced tea. MBK really just is an amazing place that everyone should go to!

We also stayed at a great gem of a hotel...we found it from Jetsetter and it was $75 per night. It was in a great location, super clean, and had a great pool! Anatara Sathorn Bangkok Hotel is an affordable hotel with all the amenities you need. If you stay there, make sure to check out the spa. We got the lanna massage, which is kind of like a thai herbal massage where the massage you with an herbal pouch, but instead of an herbal pouch they used one filled with sesame. It was complete relaxation!

Look out for another post on day 2 of shopping and until then, xxoo!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Exciting Things!

I have been so inconsistent with this blog lately! But I feel like really exciting things have been happening and I have so much to share with you all! I have gotten to a point where I feel like Singapore is really familiar and I no longer feel the need to explore and I do pretty much the same things every weekend. However, I have kind of been bitten by the travel bug of late...and feel this intense need to travel. I think in 2011 I have been averaging 1 trip a month (but when you think about the fact that Singapore is basically a really just means I have left the city once a month). Anyways, I think this blog is going to change focus from my life in Singapore to my travels...and on that note I have some exciting news to share.

I think the most exciting thing is that P and I are working on a travel vlog! We are trying to launch it by the end of the month and we have already made quite a few exciting. I don't know if anyone will watch our channel, but either way it is super fun to film and edit and be creative. We have gone on a lot of trips together this year and this is a fun way to document the trips and share tips with people who are planning to travel to those destinations.

And since we last spoke, I have booked a trip with J to India next January! We are going to do the golden triangle and I literally cannot be more excited! I am most excited for the Taj Mahal and shopping! India is one of those places that have always seemed so magical to me and I feel like if I were not living in Asia, I probably  would have never gone. Travel wise, living in Singapore has been one of the best things to happen!

Another big trip planned, is Europe in March with my mom! We are going to London and Paris and then taking a Uniworld River Cruise. I am excited to take my mom to London and Paris as she has never been to Europe! Also, I love shopping in those it'll be awesome to have my mom with me. But I think the best part is going to be the river cruise. I know river cruises are mostly for older folks, but honestly I think the relaxing pace of a river cruise will be a nice change from my other trips to Europe. And seriously...the boat looks AMAZING. Check out the SS Antoinette (love the name). I also hope to see original J, who was basically my first friend in Singapore, while visiting Europe!

Life outside of work has been really great lately! I have so many things to look forward to! I am going to Bangkok this weekend with P and could not be more excited....well until next time, XXOO!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Make Up Shopping Spree

So I feel like in the last few months I have gotten really content with living in Singapore and therefore have not been doing anything too exciting with my time here. There really has not been much to warrant a blog post on other than my trips with the girls...until now!

If you don't know I have recently gotten addicted to watching youtube videos...and in particular the ones the "makeup gurus" have on their makeup storage/collections. It really inspired me to clean and organize my makeup. So I did like 2 weeks ago and I realized other than face makeup and mascara...the makeup I brought with me 2 years ago is basically all the makeup I own...which is a little bit gross right? How long does makeup even last?

So I've been kind of on a makeup shopping spree that culminated in a BIG spree today after work!

The first things I bought was some new MAC blush and new lipgloss because I ran out. Not too exciting...although I love the Mac pro longwear lipglass in Full Speed Ahead. It is just such a bright fun color. I also got the MUCH raved about Urban Decay Naked palette since pretty much all my eyeshadows are like 4 years old, which is probably not good. And I honestly love this palette...I have used it every day since I got it!

Then after reading A TON of reviews on all the asian brands of makeup I got really curious about all the brands I have seen around Singapore. I have noticed all these brands I am about to show you but the main thing stopping me from buying these things was the fact that I can't read most of the packaging! But one of the brands I have noticed every time at the drug store is this brand that is SUPER cute called Majolica Majorca is actually a branch of Shisheido which really made me trust it...and the packaging is just SO cute! So some of this stuff I bought over the weekend but mostly P and I went on a major shopping spree today after a HARD day of work! We didn't spend too much...I don't think...but it was really one of the best days in Singapore I have had in a LONG time.

From left to right: Skin79 BB cream, Etude House panda lip balm, Holika holika Star Lights hightlighter, Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek in Apricot Macaroon, Etude House Aloha Eye Color Art Pen, Fairy Drops Mascara (and a cute free aloha makeup pouch I got)

So first off I think I need to tell you about BB Cream. Its this like Korean skin stuff that is all the rage that even American brands like Maybeline have created BB Creams for Asia. I guess the best way to describe it that BB creams are made to be like multi purpose products...for instance the one I bought, Skin79 Super Plus BB Creme, is anti aging, sun protection, brightening and provides great coverage. It makes my skin look almost flawless. I love it!

Next the Holika Holika Star Lights highlighter is a total dupe for benefits moon beam only cheaper and the packaging is super cute. Holika holika is a really cute store...everything is like witch and black cat themed! Asian cosmetics packaging is ridiculously cute. I seriously wanted to buy the whole store!

I totally only bought the panda lip balm from Etude House because of the packaging...I also bought the eyeliner because it is this awesome dark purple shade and literally does not budge! And the Majolica Majorca blush is basically the cutest thing I have ever seen. Its supposed to look like a macaroon. I adore it! Last is the original Fairy Drops mascara which I have heard so many great things about. They have even repackaged this mascara to sell at Sephora for more money!

From Left to Right: Etude House Anti-Shine Mist, The Face Shop Snow Tree Sleep Mask, The Face Shop Mango Body Lotion, The Face Shop Mango Body Wash, The Face Shop Herb Cleanser Wipes (and a free face mask from Etude House)

So I so think this Anti-Shine Mist at Etude House sounds potentially awesome and really wanted to try it out...I thought it would be great to keep at my desk for a refresher after lunch. The shops we went to all had these like masks you put on before you go to bed and wash off in the morning. I really wanted to try a whitening one because I have gotten ALOT of freckles since living here and I heard that whitening stuff really just makes your skin tone more even. Then the lotion and body wash were just on I bought them because it was a set and I needed new body wash. And the makeup wipes look a lot like the Mac makeup wipes I am really excited to try them!

I am kind of sad that it took me SO long to discover all these asian brands that have like have cult followings back home. But at least I still have time to try out some more! After this spree I am going on a shopping ban for 1 month until P and I go to Bangkok for crazy intense shopping. Until next time, xxoo from Singapore!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


So 2 weeks ago I went to Yangon, Myanmar with P and J. Let me start of by saying we spent WAY too long in Yangon and hence my mixed review on Myanmar. I think my expectations were just too high, because I have heard SUCH great reviews from people who have liked it more than Cambodia (which is probably my favorite place in Southeast Asia that I have been to). Well Yangon did not really live up to my hopes but I still had a great time.  But I've heard the other cities like Mandalay and Bagan are beautiful, so I definitely want to go back and experience these places.

We spent 3.5 days in Yangon and stayed at the AMAZING Strand Hotel. If you go to Myanmar you must stay here. It's a lot like Raffles Hotel in Singapore...a colonial building that is very grand in the inside. The service is excellent...although we had a few issues that I guess come with staying in a historical building like the toilet not working one morning and the lights going out. My pictures of the hotel do not do it here is one I found online:

this is the restaurant that became our home..i kind of miss it!

The best part of The Strand was the cafe! We ended up eating here for almost every sad as it sounds. The food was out of this world especially the breakfast was included. They had the most amazing almond crusted french toast...I am still dreaming about it! We sat at the same table every time we went down  and it really became like home.

So if you are planning to go to Yangon...let me tell you you only need max 2 days! There are not that many like attractions i guess you can say....and its really kind of small town. The Shwedagon Paviliion was pretty much the only thing I wanted to see in Yangon and it was really awesome.

The only thing is that the structure is just SO gold that it almost looked fake if that makes any sense. The top of this structure is supposed to be covered in jewels that have been donated from around the country...I used my camera's zoom to look and I really didn't see any sort of jewels. All in all, I have never seen anything like this...but I also kind of felt like I was at like an epcot-esque theme park.

Aside from this there is also a giant budha that is laying down. That's pretty much all I can say about it:

We did see a cultural show that was in this traditional looking barge. It was a ridiculously LONG show...which we were not able to sit through. We did see some cool costumes and attempted to eat Burmese food.

this elephant costume thing was really colorful and shiny

The last kind of touristy thing we did was go to this temple that was built in the middle of a river...again it was really GOLD:

If you are thinking you could see/do all these things in one day...well you totally can! There is a national museum, but it just so happened to be closed the entire time we were there. I so regret not going to another area in Myanmar. I also really regret not shopping around at the markets. I don't know why the markets didn't really interest us when we were there BUT when we were at the airport I saw SOO many cute knick knacks that I would have liked to buy. But knowing that airport prices are way more expensive than that outside I knew it wasn't worth it.

So that is basically our entire trip...we don't have another trip planned until October so I am just going to enjoy Singapore until then. XXOO lovelies!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Things that Caught My Eye - August

August went by so was beyond stressful and just way too busy and there was not much time to do anything else! But here is a quick look at some things that caught my eye this past month!

1. Curlformers...I know they look crazy BUT I totally want to try this no heat way of curling hair. I showed you all the video of the headband trick to curl hair which is great, but never manages to really curl my hair in the back as much as the front. I think look so easy to use and kind of fun!

2. BB Texture Creme- I became totally obsessed with this stuff after watching the video below. I got P to bring it back for me from the states and I love it! It really defines the curls I get from using the headband trick and it gives my usually straight flat hair volume and texture like nothing else I have ever used. I am seriously in love with this stuff! 

3. Coastal Scents Makeup Palettes- Lately I have been a LITTLE bit addicted to youtube videos...and my a little I mean kind of a lot! I just never knew the wealth of information/how-to's that are out there. I've seen so many reviews on things that I have never heard of like the Coastal Scents Makeup Palettes! Most reviews I have seen on these have been pretty great and there are just SO many fun colors and they are really affordable. I can't wait to go home  and buy some of the palettes for myself.

4. Celine Luggage Tote- I am in LOVE with this bag. It has such a great shape and would be perfect for work! Its such a sophisticated grown up bag, and at 24 I think it is definitely time for a bag like this. This is the exact one I like....

5. Goa- P, J  and I have been planning (well talking about planning) a big trip to INDIA for next January. We are definitely going to do the Golden Triangle but I am dying to go to Goa as well. I've heard such great things about it...India is going to be such a great trip!

6. Hunger Games trailer- I was introduced to The Hunger Games trilogy last year when my good friend told me to read the books and I immediately became obsessed and forced my other friends to read them! I desperately wanted these books to become movies because some of the stuff described in the book (like the costumes they wear riding into the ring that are lit on fire) I really just wanted to see. A few months ago my wish came true and they announced that the first movie will come out March 2012. Well they just released a short trailer...and I am SO excited! I seriously cannot wait!

Check back soon for an update on my trip with P and J to MYANMAR (bet you can't point to myanmar on a map...don't worry I couldn't either until about a month ago). Until next time, xxoo!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

TWO Years

It's official...I have been living/working in Singapore for 2 years. Time has passed by SO quickly and this is much more time than I ever thought I would ever stay here!

As much as I hated living here at first, I am now realizing how truly lucky I am to have spent my first 2 years out of college in Singapore. I look at the people I know from home, who have not had the amazing travel opportunities I have had and will probably never in their lives see anything like Nikoi and the people at home who don't get to work in the field they've always wanted to or those who have no idea what their dream jobs would even be yet, and I feel incredibly blessed!

I just read this article/blog: Are America's Best Days Behind It?
And it made me quite sad...if you read the readers' comments many people believe this to be true. And this makes me feel even more lucky that I have had work experience in Asia while I am young! At least I can bring this experience back home with me.

I look back to two years ago, and I see that living here has given me more confidence and independence I would never have developed living at home. I have made some AMAZING friends and seriously lived the life of luxury here.So in much as you annoy me...I really have to thank you Singapore for taking me in and offering me the experience/opportunities of a lifetime! Until next time, xxoo!

Monday, July 25, 2011

NIKOI Island

OMG you need to go to Nikoi Island some time in your lifetimes lovelies! It is just so magical and unlike anywhere else I have ever traveled to! Basic facts first, Nikoi Island is a private island off the coast of Bintan, Indonesia, which is a one hour boat ride away from Singapore. It is an eco-friendly retreat, with just 15 bungalows. There is no air conditioning (which freaked me out at first) and the bungalows are made of driftwood and almost all the water activities are included in the price! It is not cheap lovelies...but its just out of this world and SERIOUSLY worth it!

J was supposed to come with P and I, but ended up not being able to make it because of work, which was such a shame! P and I had a BIT of a rocky start getting to Nikoi...and when I say rocky start I really mean everything that could go wrong...went wrong like P's work visa expiring and her not knowing...her having to pay a fee to leave singapore...P's passport running out of full pages for them to adhere the indonesain visa to...and most importantly the boat from bintan to nikoi breaking down in the MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN at night in the dark! So that was not fun...but once we got to Nikoi the whole vibe of the trip turned around! I mean how can you not love something so beautiful. And somehow...for the 2 of us we got a huge 2 bedroom villa...strange but we weren't complaining...

the downstairs of our private bungalow...its HUGE!

outside view of the second bedroom which we didn't use!

this WHOLE thing was ours!

P on our chairs right in front of the bungalows on the beach!

I couldn't get a good shot of the was really big and surprisingly without AC it was really nice and breezy...

beautiful lush walkways surround Nikoi

reading by the pool with an AMAZING view

the breakfast spread they set up in front of us on our table every morning!! 

bonfire set up at the beach

Now that you have hopefully fallen in love with the pictures...let me tell you a little more about our stay. So there are no real restaurants that have like menu options...every day the menu is posted up on a since I am a vegetarian that basically meant I got served some version of tofu or soy bean something for every meal. The food was pretty delicious...we got one lemon tart dessert for lunch which was delicious! 

You can rent kayaks, snorkel gear, and windsurfing stuff for free. P and I went kayaking...then we got someone to take us out on a small catamaran for sailing! It was SOO much fun...we went so fast it as there was good wind (or something) and it was like jet skiing! But after a while my arms hurt from using so much energy to hold on!

The pool was amazing and never really that crowded...we spent an entire day there. Massages are really cheap on the island as well...and you get them right on the little hut in front of your bungalow! This place is like a little slice of heaven! It is like getting back in touch with nature, but in a really luxurious fashion!

Our bedroom was HUGE...there is not ac, but you don't really need it...there is one wall that is all glass which you can fold completely open...and two huge windows on either side which fold you can make it so that the room is almost completely open of walls. There is really good mosquito net over the bed, and a ceiling fan inside the mosquito its really comfy and safe from bugs in the bed. You fall asleep to the sound of crashing waves...its so relaxing.

I absolutely fell in love with Nikoi Island and hope that one day you all get to experience the awesomeness that is Nikoi....until, next time XXOO!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Philippines

So basically this whole month, I have been super busy on the weekends...which are my times to sorry for the lack of posts! I actually went on two amazing trips this month! I am so lucky to live in a country the size of a basically leaving the country/city is SUPER easy and there are some amazing places really close!

My friend A, is from the philippines, and was planning to go visit for a few weeks. On a whim, I decided to meet her there for a weekend and it was pretty AMAZING! I don't have most of the pictures, since I got lazy and let A take all the pics on her here is just a little snippet of  the trip!

So basically, a family friend ( I feel like that is the easiest way to describe it) owns a chunk of beach in Cebu...and I have never and will probably never experience anything like this again! Being on a private beach, in some cute was pure relaxation. Here is the view: 

bungalow over the water

the beach is right across the water...this is the view from our little bungalow

the beach where we were staying from the boat we took out...see the little specks on the right..they are the bungalows!

So basically we just relaxed at this beach retreat for a day and a half. We also went on some traditional boat around the neighboring islands and snorkeled. I got stabbed by some sea urchin look a like which REALLY stung sooo bad...and actually a little chunk was stuck in my foot until yesterday when I got a pedicure.

view of a near by island from our boat

Then A and I spent a day in Manilla which really reminds me of like downtown Los Angeles...well Los Angeles in general...traffic...nice malls..not so nice areas...and more traffic. We stayed at the Peninsula which had the MOST intense security! There were 2 drug sniffing dogs, a metal detector, a bag search and these metal barricade thing for cars...really insane. But it was a gorgeous hotel!

And take a look at the gorgeous sunset I saw out of the plane on the way back to Singapore...Life could not get any better right now, I am such a lucky girl...until next time, xxoo!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


So you may not know this, but I love braids! I always make my mom braid my hair when I am home. But for basically my whole life, I have never been able to french braid. So one day, I really wanted to learn the waterfall braid...and i looked up the braid on youtube, and found  the most amazing hair tutorials! When I think of youtube, I have always just thought of music videos and watching funny videos....but who knew the wealth of information out there! So basically for the past few weeks I have been OBSESSED with watching videos on kind of blows my mind how some young girls can make a name for themselves so young from youtube!

Anyways here are 2 videos that have basically changed my life!

This is the video that taught me the french braid...and dutch braid..and fishtail...and all of her guides have made me an awesome braider

This video really is teaches you how to curl your hair with just a headband...and let me tell you the curls look really awesome and its really comfortable to sleep in!

I can't stop watching youtube videos...well mostly hair guides! I think i might just do that now...until next time, xxoo!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tea time!

P and I have been having the most amazing luck finding awesome places. Last week we went Arteastiq..I had passed by it many times before, but for some reason have never actually looked inside. The service is typical Singapore...sooo pretty awful. But everything comes in such cute displays and since the service is so terrible and no one notices you meaning you could sit for hours and no one would notice. So it is the perfect place to have a lazy afternoon tea with me!

crazy delicious blendy coffee thingee served with a wafery cracker

lychee tea served with a

I love afternoon tea time....I definitely want to go back to check out their high tea set! Until next time, xxoo lovelies!

Medz at Orchard Central

So I found this really awesome restaurant with P a few weeks ago. Ok it has a pretty terrible name...Medz. But it is AMAZING. Its a Mediterranean version of one of my other fave places to eat, Marche. So there are different stations offering a variety of foods from all over the Mediterranean area. The funny thing about this is that there is also a Japanese restaurant like this, and all three serve rosti (giant potato/hash brown pancake things). But Medz may be the cutest of the three...and definitely the most delicious!

food stations...

even the bathroom entrance is cute

Medz is filled with cute sitting areas

not a good picture...but the hummus comes with the most delicious squishy fluffy pita bread. yum

Anyways, since Medz just opened they have these awesome happy hour all day and 25% off your meal so me and P's meals came out to about $6 each! What a score, right? Sometimes Singapore is alright...until next time, XXOO!