Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SO true Thursdays...the case of the missing pen

So I want to start a weekly blog entry where I tell you all something SO true! Whether its funny or awkward or cool, I hope you enjoy it! Here goes number one...

Last week I had a breakfast event off site and when I got back I got the craziest phone call! Some guy calling asking for a missing pen. At first I was confused what he wanted me to do about it..I mean its a pen! And then it became clear that he had already contacted the venue, which gave him a description of who they thought took the pen...and he wanted me to contact every attendee to locate this pen. I had no idea what to say, but assumed this pen was an expensive pen...like on of those fancy montblanc ones or something. But I mean what does this guy expect me to do about it, call every attendee and say "Excuse me Mister, did you take something that wasn't yours?" How rude is that?! Its a pen..get over it (and yourself). Then this guy proceeds to tell me that this pen isn't expensive, but has a lot of emotional value since he has had it a long time. Well that makes me less likely to even try...I mean thats like saying I lost my old stapler and I want you to call everyone who was near by to get it back for me bc I loved that stapler. Totally ridiculous right? And if I had taken the pen...I would have never admitted it! But the service side of me took over and I tried to figure out who had this pen...but needless to say the pen was not found.

Things like this could only happen to me in Singapore...completely insane right? Well its a great story to tell don't you think? Until next time, xxoo!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Carmel By The Sea

So I've majorly been neglecting this blog...but my goal this year is to blog more regularly! Hopefully, it will actually happen. But I did spend 3 amazing weeks at home...and it was sooo hard to come back to this place. I miss home sooo much! Anyways during my time home, I went to Carmel-by-the-Sea with my bff, V, and my puppy, Todo. It was sooo much fun. Carmel is just the cutest town EVER! And its super dog friendly. So here is a little more on our trip!

mini cupcakes for the road! too bad we didn't finish them...

Puppy was so anxious on the long drive up that he didnt fall asleep once (which is crazy because he spends most of his days sleeping). We hit major traffic, but it was a great time for puppy to smell the ocean breeze. Isn't he a cutie?!

We stayed at the Vagabond's House Inn, the cutest bed and breakfast! And they were super dog friendly...giving puppy a doggie treat when we arrived and a bowl of them at breakfast! Gosh I just wish I could live at this place. It came complete with a fireplace and kitchen! So adorable..

We are super corny obviously!

They provided a breakfast for us served in our room that we preordered the night before...and we could order anything we wanted. We ended up getting eggs, yogurt and granola, coffee, orange juice and these delicious pastries!!

We spent the one full day we had at carmel walking around town and the beach. Puppy was such a trooper walking up and down hills and even through the sand. I only had to carry him once. This trip made me appreciate how amazing puppy has gotten with age! He so well behaved, mostly beause he is too old to care. But everyone else we met adored him.

the beach!

puppy would not stop sniffing the sand! he was especially intrigued by the lumps of seaweed. first time at the beach..puppy had no idea about the ocean and when there was a big wave i tried to pull puppy away, but he didnt listen to me...and got completely all wet. the shock on his face was priceless!

dogs that were much more adventurous than puppy.
at dinner with puppy of course! they even had a special doggie menu..i ordered him a hamburger patty which came in a doggie bowl.

pooped after a loooong day!

Last day we did the 17 mile drive before heading home...which took us a few hours!! Alrght so its a bit expensive to pay 10 dollars to drive 17 miles, but it is beautiful out there.

i guess this tree is famous?

Anyhow this trip was so muuuch fun! Loved spending time with bff and puppy! Can't wait to go on another trip with puppy! Where should we go next?!