Sunday, December 27, 2009


i had the greatest day today! it started out with an amazing surprise...ALL the channels on my tv were unlocked. i called the cable company because i was nervouse they were charging me for all the chanels, but i found out that the cable company had some glitch yesterday so they were now allowing all customers access to all channels for a limited time. this would ONLY ever happen in singapore!! and i LOVE i spent the first half of day watching the fashion channel becuase i would never actually pay for it. aaah i love television!

i also found these great things at 7 Eleven...magnum minis. they're mini ice crem bars in the most decadent flavors!

then my day got even more exciting when i went hamsterballing (or zorbing which is what the inventors actually refer to it as...but i prefer hamsterballing). you basically get into a giant inflatable hamsterball and the workers roll you down a hill...and then you "hamster crawl" up the hill. it sounds great right? but i guess i never took into account how crazy hot it would be inside the hamster ball! just one roll down and half of a climb up made me sweatier than sitting in a suana. i still feel a bit sick. don't get me was great but i would never do that again in singapore. maybe new zealand where it was invented.

after we were all good and sweaty...we made it to holland village for the best treat, chocolate fondue at haggen daaz. i dont know why no one has ever thought of using ice cream to dip in fondue but it is amazing!! is great.

but the day keeps on getting better. after showering  i went with cassie to explore the newest mall on orchard, 313. and it has got to be my favorite mall in all of singapore...and thats saying a lot considering singapore is only made up of malls. the food court is the entire top level! so much awesome food in one food court. and there is the cutest muffin place. the muffins actually look like normal muffins. i bet they are delicious...i cant wait to try one next time. and they let you decorate your own cakes with different colored icing on one side.

and we found this great boutique called ribbons...where i found this great tank top. i also got the cutest agenda for next year!

but the greatest part of 313 was the four level FOREVER 21. wow it is one of the largest FOREVER 21 stores i have ever been to. and its just as cheap as in the states. and even greater is that everyone in singapore is a size XS or S so everything is left in size M! its like the total opposite of america where everyone is M. i didn't plan to spend so much money today...but i guess thats how it always goes. i cant wait until we make smores tomorrow on the BBQ. im sure tomorrow night will be great.

Friday, December 25, 2009


How cute is this waxing place?

its shaped like a plane and then you walk into one of the cabins....

and its like the inside of the plane!
and the wax smells like chocolate and berries.
i'll tell you one things...singapore sure knows how to pamper itself! and i love pampering myself. i made a promise to myself to live the sweet and pampered life while i am here...and i think i'm totally fulfilling that promise. of course i may also be going broke at the same time. i'm glad tomorrow is payday.
and one of the best thing about singapore is that its so small everything is so close to me (or maybe thats the worst thing)...just an underground tunnel walk away. as much as i complain about singapore...i know that when i leave (lets pray that i get to sometime in the near future) there are going to be tooons of things i will miss.

christmas countdown

LOVE IT!! in singapore they call christmas eve...countdown. like a countdown to open presents? who knows what these crazy materialistic singaporean came up with? but i had the best countdown imaginable in singapore! here's why

1. great friends! janet is so awesome...i never thought i would meet someone I actually liked in singapore...i did!! janet i'm going to miss hanging out with you EVERY weekend...i hope your replacement is half as awesome.

2. i have the most amazing jacuzzi/pool ever. arent you jealous?!

3. twilight, ugly betty AND weeds. too much awesome television in one night.

4.awesome bottle of champagne (regifted by my scary bossman). sometimes its nice to have a boss that EVERYONE is afraid of...bc he gets tons of christmas presents...donates them to the poor..AKA me! love it! its funny because last week when we had dinner at jaan we drank this exact same champagne for 50 dollars a glass!

5. the nail place underneath my building opened! its called CONFESS...and it has the cutest wallpaper. i love the new suede opi nail polish they have. and i wish i could show you a picture of janet's awesome christmas nails. those nails were enough to make me a loyal customer.

thank you singapore for making my first christmas away from home memorable!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

sometimes i think i like it here...

Sometimes I think I like it here...maybe I would like it more if i only focused on the good parts of singapore. Do you think california feels betrayed? My list so far.

1. My apartment! I never imagined being able to live somewhere soooo awesome. Its decorated perfectly. And has all the amenities I could ever imagine like the pool, a gym, a rock climbing wall, a hair dresser, the dry cleaners, a suit maker, a shoe repair place, a nail salon (about to open), a smoothie place, an awesome pasta/dessert place, a japanese restaurant, a toast place, an indian restaurant, a cafe, three bars, AND a coffee bean!! And my apartment is connected directly to the underground walkway to the i never have to walk outsideWill I ever get the opportunity to live somewhere like this anywhere else? I don't think so. So thank you Singapore for my awesome apartment.

2. Fresh juice!!! How come there isn't a place that sells all kinds of fresh juice where you can mix any kinds of fruit and vegetables you want for like 3 dollars. Here in Singapore its all the malls (which basically fill up all of singapore). Its the most amazing thing ever...i think when i get back to america that should be my new business.

3. Charles and Keith!! cute shoes and purses for super cheap. its maybe my favorite store in singapore. every time i go in i want to buy something new. and i really can't believe its singaporean! that means there is at least one singaporean who is awesome in all of singapore. oh i love shoes and purses.

4. Macaroons! How come I have not until my time in singapore discovered the awesomeness of macaroons. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. And they're so cute...mmm. And then they go turn it into a tree for christmas!!

Don't you want to come visit me in singapore now?! I know you do...