Friday, December 25, 2009


How cute is this waxing place?

its shaped like a plane and then you walk into one of the cabins....

and its like the inside of the plane!
and the wax smells like chocolate and berries.
i'll tell you one things...singapore sure knows how to pamper itself! and i love pampering myself. i made a promise to myself to live the sweet and pampered life while i am here...and i think i'm totally fulfilling that promise. of course i may also be going broke at the same time. i'm glad tomorrow is payday.
and one of the best thing about singapore is that its so small everything is so close to me (or maybe thats the worst thing)...just an underground tunnel walk away. as much as i complain about singapore...i know that when i leave (lets pray that i get to sometime in the near future) there are going to be tooons of things i will miss.

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