Sunday, December 20, 2009

sometimes i think i like it here...

Sometimes I think I like it here...maybe I would like it more if i only focused on the good parts of singapore. Do you think california feels betrayed? My list so far.

1. My apartment! I never imagined being able to live somewhere soooo awesome. Its decorated perfectly. And has all the amenities I could ever imagine like the pool, a gym, a rock climbing wall, a hair dresser, the dry cleaners, a suit maker, a shoe repair place, a nail salon (about to open), a smoothie place, an awesome pasta/dessert place, a japanese restaurant, a toast place, an indian restaurant, a cafe, three bars, AND a coffee bean!! And my apartment is connected directly to the underground walkway to the i never have to walk outsideWill I ever get the opportunity to live somewhere like this anywhere else? I don't think so. So thank you Singapore for my awesome apartment.

2. Fresh juice!!! How come there isn't a place that sells all kinds of fresh juice where you can mix any kinds of fruit and vegetables you want for like 3 dollars. Here in Singapore its all the malls (which basically fill up all of singapore). Its the most amazing thing ever...i think when i get back to america that should be my new business.

3. Charles and Keith!! cute shoes and purses for super cheap. its maybe my favorite store in singapore. every time i go in i want to buy something new. and i really can't believe its singaporean! that means there is at least one singaporean who is awesome in all of singapore. oh i love shoes and purses.

4. Macaroons! How come I have not until my time in singapore discovered the awesomeness of macaroons. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. And they're so cute...mmm. And then they go turn it into a tree for christmas!!

Don't you want to come visit me in singapore now?! I know you do...

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