Sunday, October 24, 2010

Holland Village + Chip Bee Gardens

Why do the weekends always pass so quickly? Its already Sunday evening but I feel like I was just at work...can't believe I have to go in again so soon. However I had a GREAT friday with A. A just moved here the beginning of October from Paris...and while my perseption of the french was marred by my disaterous time at ex-job...A is the perfect person to restore my perception. She is super sweet and great company!

It started on a high note when we got off work at 3:00pm (but even though that sounds early...i did go to work at 7am so its really just one hour less than usual but it does sound super early right?!) A and I headed to Holland Village to walk around before our mani/pedi appointment. I love being in Holland Village and can't wait until the mrt stop opens there. It just feels so quaint and cute and I love the pet shop! I should really carry my camera around more to take more pictures, but basically Holland V (as the sg-ans call it) is a little area of cafes/restaurants/shops.

One of my favorite places to get mani/pedis is this place in Holland Village that a girl from my college told me about. Its called Serenity Cove. And its just amazing...they feed you coffe/tea and cookies/chocolate and fruit, you get to choose from a variety of scrubs and lotions, they have hundreds and hundreds of nail polishes from opi, essie and orly, and best of all they have a TON of current magazines from the US (which may be my favorite part). Lately I have been loving this color from the Hong Kong collection...super sucks that I didn't buy it when they were selling it.

After that we wemt across the street to this area called Chip Bee Gardens. I never knew it existed until reading about this organic grocery shop there...and then discovered that its this area full of great restaurants. Chip Bee Gardens is basically a row of restuarants and cafes. They all look delicious and I can't wait to go back!

We decided to go to this vegetarian mediteranean restaurant called Original Sin. And not only was it cute, but I could actually eat EVERYTHING on the menu and it all sounded sooo delicious and had tooons of veggies in it. I seriously cannot believe it took me over a year to find this place. It makes me wonder what other places I have been missing out on!

After dinner we went to Orchard to do a bit of shopping. I introduced A to my all time favorite Charles & Keith! And then we went to watch The Social Network. It totally made me feel behind in life. I mean Mark Zuckerberg is only 3 years older than me and a billionaire...and I am not even close to being self sufficient and will probably never have such a direct impact on people. But nonetheless it was still a very entertaining movie.

Can you believe i did ALL that on a friday evening? Omg it was great...the rest of the weekend however was not hat exciting. Until next time, xxoo!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shoe Crazy

I feel like i do nothing interesting anymore, and therefore have nothing to update this blog with. I have been going to yoga a lot the past few weeks and am feeling really centered. I usually go right after work with P, so most weekdays I am gone from the house ALL day and on the weekends I just feel like being a lazy bum.

I did do a bit of power shopping last weekend...and I wanted to update last week...but i was too busy during the week to take pictures. I don't know why, but lately I have been really obsessed with shoes. Especially fall shoes, like boots...unfortunately these are the one kind of shoes I will never be able to wear in Singapore.

Right now I am loving  these boots from Aldo...they look like flat boots but they have this hidden wedge! I adore them...I seriously need to move out of this hot and sticky country.

So cute right?!

these booties are perhaps more practical for singapore?

This fall shoe envy spurned a shoe shopping spree last weekend! Three pairs of shoes in one weekend. 2 pairs from charles and Keith (love) and one pair from new look. Charles and keith is such a hit or miss...the last few months I have not seen anything remotely cute...but last weekend while waiting to meet P for lunch I went in for a browse and came out with 2 pairs of shoes and plans to come back for bag.

work shoes, booties, clogs

i'm not sure when i will wear these...but i totally adore them

i love the cute cut outs on these shoes...the perfect way to spice up boring work clothes

Well I am off to the gym and maybe some more shopping after?! Until next time, xxoo from swingapore!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Saying Goodbye

So I honestly haven't done anything worth mentioning in these last few weeks. The first weekend of September I found out that one of very first friends in Singapore, C, would be moving back home, and then the week after I found out my favorite friend in Singapore, W, would also be moving home. So since then its been a constant string of just hanging out and trying to spend as much time as possible with C and W before they left.

Well I guess I did go to this amazing mexican restaurant with C the night she left. Its called Casa Latina...and is pretty delicious. BUT the best part of the whole restaurant is that one of the only managers i liked from Raffles works there now!! And they have this awesome melted cheese thing..that they serve in a hot stone pot (like the way they serve korean bimbimbop) with freshly made tortilas. They have the most delicious margaritas too. Anyways that probably has been the highlight of Singapore indulgence in the last few weeks.

But now that C  and W are gone, I am shockingly aware how little there is for me in Singapore. My dream job isnt quite the dream after all and I really have not been working on my Being a Better Me plan at all! When I started that I thought I had ALL this time to do all those things this year, but now its October and I really haven't done anything! Well now that I have ALL this free time on my hands I am going to start tackling those goals! Too bad I spent this entire weekend alternating between couch and bed...well I promise to start tomorrow!! I already have plans in the works to go to bali next hopefully those actually work out!

Anyways, I promise to have some more adventures to write about soon! I seriously cannot believe the weekend is over already. I literally did not leave the house Saturday or pathetic! Until next time, xxoo!