Sunday, August 29, 2010


It is so hard to find time/motivation to blog right now. I have been working at least 11 hours a day everyday last week...i think the honeymoon period of love love loving my job is over. Its exhausting. I still really enjoy it but I can't imagine going on at this intense speed for more than a month. And this upcoming week is going to be just as bad as the last week...7 events in a week and 4 mornings where I have to be at the office at 7am. The weekends are waaay too short. I can't believe its over..I've barely left the house all weekend.

So anyways, my manager has the most AMAZING skin. There are three 35year olds at my office. My manager looks 25, one looks 35 and one looks 45. And I found out that she (my 25 year old looking manager) uses Sk-II this like miracle brand from Japan. So i decided i wanted to try it! Its been 3 weeks, and I think my skin is definitely looks more even and i dont need to wear as much make up.

 And there is this miracle ingredient in their signature product called pitera. It was discovered in sakae breweries, where they noticed that the elderly people's hands looked much younger. "Pitera is the unique ingredient found only in SK-II products. Pitera is able to blend into the skin easily. It is scientifically proven that SK-II Pitera has seven beneficial effects on skin and works effectively to maintain skin's natural renewal cycle." Anyways it smells a bit funny, but after reading all the reviews people say this stuff changes their skin!

So anyways I'm really excited about this should try it!

And on the topic of skin...I went to this amazing facial place called the Sloane Clinic. (I can't believe i actually found a great facial place in Singapore). They had this ultra sonic deep cleansing machine instead of extractions. The machine kind of feels like littlte pricks...and it some how uses water to flush out your pores...and then after they show you this cup of water that is filled with the stuff they sucked out of your pores. Insane and amazing! Can't wait to go again.

Anyways I haven't even done many things worthy of blogging about in these last weeks...but hopefully things will calm down soon! Until next time, xxoo!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The best meal of the day...Brunch

So its been a while lovelies..I've been sooo busy moving and organizing all the new stuff for my new apartment...its been a little ridiculous. When I get back to American I probably will never want to move again...moving is sooo difficult. So i've been at the new place for a week now and have maybe half unpacked. I have no idea how I accumulated SOOO much stuff! 8 big boxes and 3 suitcases full of stuff to be exact. What am I going to do when i leave?!

Besides the pool the best part of my new apartment is my bed...its like a normal spring mattress with a foot of latex on top? i've never heard of latex for beds before...but OMG combined with my mattress topper sleeping on my bed is like sleeping on a cloud! its sooo amazing. However it does make it really difficult to get out of bed in the mornings.

So even though I've been really busy these past few weeks...i've still had time to do one of my most favorite weekend pasttimes...brunch! I don't know why but I am so obsessed with brunch! Good friends, good food, what can be better than that? And breakfast food is probably my all time favorite food....which is weird considering there was like 4 years of my life where I didn't even eat eggs! Here is a look at some of the past few weeks brunch locations...

Boomerang at Robertson quay is so nice because being at robertson quay feels like you're not in Singapore any more. And everyone brings their dogs to brunch!

This is the place i discovered Turkish toast! How come we don't have turkish bread in the us? I guess its like flat bread...but for some reason it tastes so much more delicious...mmmm

(this isnt from boomerang...but I thought it would give you a good idea of what turkish toast is...)

White Rabbit I think has replaced ps cafe as my favorite brunch place! PS cafe is soooo crowded always...but White Rabbit is very spacious and just soooo adorable. And I never usually like eggs benedicts but I think their eggs benedict with suateed spinach and truffles is amazing! the problem is I'm always too stuffed to have dessert...but dessert sounds amazing too...maybe one day!

So you walk in through the "rabbit hole"

so its in a restored church/cathedral/something...which probably would be awkward if I was religious but since i'm not it just makes it really airy and relaxing

doesn't this just look sooo delicious?! the salad is this amazing asparagus salad!

OMG i just love brunch! besides sleeping in and seeing friends its one of the best parts of the weekend. if you come visit me...i promise I will take you to brunch! until next time, xxoo!