Saturday, February 26, 2011

Steve Madden = Brian Atwood?

Remmber the Brian Atwood pumps i coveted on my Chistmas Wishlist? I found a nearly EXACT copy on the steve madden website for much less money...what do you think which one is real...and which one is fake?

Don't they look freakishly similar?!! the second ones are the Brian Atwood ones. Its shocking to be how exact the copy of the shoe is! I mean is that legal? Well the second I see the Steve Madden ones at the Singapore shop I think I am totally going to buy them! I mean gah..they are just sooo drool worthy! And as much as I wish I could buy the real ones...thats just not happening especially not in Singapore. Until next time, xxoo!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hua Hin and Nikoi Island

This past week J and P and I nailed down two more awesome trips to take coming up. I finally got to use Jetsetter (my secret obsession) and booked us an amazing pool villa at Hua Hin, Thailand. It is the city that the royal family traditionally vacations in or something awesome like that. I love Jetsetter...because A) it shows me places I would never have thought of going to (like I had never heard of Hua Hin) B) there are GREAT deals and C) it is just so fun! Remember that sale I mentioned in this post, that tiger safari through India? It is on sale again!! Aaah I want to go sooo badly.

Ok anyways back to the point...J and P and I will be travelling to Hua Hin in May! And we will be staying in a private villa at the Six Senses Evason Hua Hin Resort with our own pool and floating tub. How jealous are you?

I am soooo excited! I can't wait to get tan, explore a new city, and just take a break from the duldrum that is Singapore.

Then on an even more exciting front, J and P and I FINALLY after months of talking about it decided to book a trip to Nikoi Island in July. Why July you ask? Well because this resort on a private island in Indonesia that is a 1.5 hour boat ride away from Singapore is COMPLETELY booked every weekend until then! Insane right? I mean this place must be killer and I can't wait to see it for myself.

I mean don't you just die looking at this picture?! It looks like paradise and I have been dying to go here for ages and I can't believe we are finally going!

I think this year in Singapore will pass like a breeze. So many trips and so little time! I cannot wait! Until next time, xxoo lovelies!

Nails and New Shoes

Hi world! I had a really great and relaxing weekend....first on Saturday I got my nails done for the first time since I got back to Singapore. I got calgel nails last time I was home and it stayed unchipped and perfect for 5 weeks! Awesome right? I do love calgel. J and I went to holland village to my favorite nail place in holland village and had a relaxing lunch there.

Then on Sunday, J and I had a great time walking around arab street and HAJI LANE! My favorite place to shop. I got these amazing Melissa shoes. I'm like sooo in love with them. And not only are they cute, they are super comfy!!! I am hoping I can wear them to work...I just need to come up with the perfect outfit! What do you think would go with these? I was thinking a nude shirt dress?

I love lazy weekends! Such a bummer that I have to go back to work tomorrow! I love weekends! Until next time, xxoo from Singapore!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

So True Thursday....Chosticks Confession

So I have a confession...I don't know how to use chopsticks properly! As an Asian (American) living in Asia, it is a pretty sad fact. I use chopsticks by holding them like a pencil and then criss crossing them. They technically still work, but just not as I can't pick up bigger things like tofu very well. Its kind of sad, but usually no one notices.

Anyways this past weekend I went to this cute cooking shop at Chip Bee Gardens called Pantry Magic, and i found THESE....

How cute are these?! They have hellow kitty at the top! I just used them to eat noodles and let me tell you it was so much easier than my normal chopstick weilding. I totally think I should carry these around with me now...what do you think? They are just too cute. Until next time, xxoo!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sri Lanka...Day One: Colombo

So last week P, J and I had an amazing trip to Sri Lanka. And you may be wondering why Sri Lanka...well let me tell you. When I was in high school I signed up to do this one week program in DC called "Future World Leaders Forum"...what a joke right? I have never pictured myself anywhere near a becoming world leader (unless the next world leader is all about planning parties), but i mean this is the random stuff you need to do to get into college! And well there were people from ALL over the world...including a large delegation from Sri Lanka (which at that point i had never even heard of). I ended up making a Sri Lankan friend kind of who I randomly emailed like twice or something...and from then on I dreamed of going to Sri Lanka. The winter after this program...the tsunami's happened and Sri Lanka was all over the news...I even at one point had the idea of going over to help (I was really ambitious about getting into college). But the point is after that happened i think everyone now has heard of Sri Lanka...and rightly so because its magical and you have to go!

So we got into Colombo early in the morning on Thursday. J had a family friend who lived in Colombo, so he let us use his house (he was on a trip). It was this great 2 bedroom home with super high ceilings...and we had 24 hour secruity outside the gate and a chef to make us about living the good life.

breakfast of eggs, fresh fruit, toast and sri lankan coffee

our chef and a view of the dining room

So for the duration of the trip, J's friend helped us hire a great driver who ended up costing us each only about $100! He took us on a driving tour of the capital city...and to some great shopping points! Here is a sample of some of the things we drove past...

a giant statue of a phone?

cool looking temple

Galle Face Hotel: Oldest hotel east of the Suez...or as I would like to the Raffles of Sri Lanka, but by the beach (which makes it infinitely more awesome)

the beach

gem museum...this case was worth $2 million or something!

look at all the rubies!

We went crazy shopping in Colombo. If you go, you have to check out Barefoot and Paradise Road. Both are amazing shops with handicrafts and awesome decor stuff! Here are some of my finds...

cool handpainted elephant

peridot necklace from the gem museum

and a sari! i have no idea when i will use this but, p wanted one and when we were at the shop i just couldnt resist!

We later went to eat at this super cute restaurant...Gallery Cafe. The food was good...but i got attacked by mosquitos!

Cute cake display

cute tablescape!

cute restaurant

look they brought out "american" water for american girls

cute friends!

Dinner at gallery cafe was the perfect end to the perfect frist day in Sri Lanka! Stay tuned for another post on the awesomeness that is Sri Lanka...until next time, xxoo!

Travel Schedule!

So this week I had food poisoning or something gross...i was basically a zombie for three days and am still pretty tired. But on the bright side...its the weekend! And my roomie J and I made our travel schedule for the rest of the year and I am sooooo excited about it that I had to share it with here it is:

Feb: Sri Lanka (we just came back from this trip!)
Mar: Somewhere in Malaysia
Apr: I havent decided where i want to go but there is a long weekend and I am going to do something with it
May: Vietnam
July: Nikoi Isand
Aug: Japan!
Oct: Korea
Nov: Cambodia
Dec: Home

So what do you think? Even with a trip every month I don't have enough time to see everything that I want to see...but i am soooo looking forwarded to travelling and getting out of this weird place! XXOO

Thursday, February 3, 2011

So true Thursday....

So I haven't been able to write on my blog more because I literally had the worst week ever last week! First of all it was a terrible week at work. The guy with the pen totally came back to haunt me! And then Friday night my computer BROKE and I just got it a few weeks ago. Then that evening while I was asleep my email was hacked! And everyone in my address book got this crazy spam from me and my whole inbox/history was deleted. I mean literally everything that could go wrong did! So once I get my computer back from hp I will try my hardest to blog more!

I am writing this as I am preparing for my trip to Sri Lanka! Thats right...sir Lanka! I am using my iPad so this isn't going to be long....but I have a confession....

I am totally addicted to buying books!!!! It's like the weirdest obsession. I love everything from fiction to self help books. And even though I have a million books that I have but not yet read, I continue to buy them. I think I can count about 15 books that are in my possession that I have not finished reading yet. And it's not that it takes me a long time to read it's that I like to read a lot at once! I have book reading ADD. And unless I think a book is amazing (ie nothing to need to read this book) I have to constantly switch back and forth.

Let me just share with you what is on my reading list now:
1. Shantaram
2. 48 law of power
3. How to win friends and influence people
4. Deluxe: how luxury lost it's luster
5. The girl with the dragon tattoo
6. Mao's great famine

Yep I'm totally in the midst of reading all of these books. As weird as it sounds I like them all but I just need to constantly switch it up. And my book buying addiction does not help. For some reason no matter how many books I own I always want another. And I'm all for real books no matter how bad it is for the environment. I love the way a real book fits In your hands and how you can fold the pages! Gosh I looooooove books! Do you have any suggestions for my next purchase? Until next time, xxoo!!