Thursday, February 3, 2011

So true Thursday....

So I haven't been able to write on my blog more because I literally had the worst week ever last week! First of all it was a terrible week at work. The guy with the pen totally came back to haunt me! And then Friday night my computer BROKE and I just got it a few weeks ago. Then that evening while I was asleep my email was hacked! And everyone in my address book got this crazy spam from me and my whole inbox/history was deleted. I mean literally everything that could go wrong did! So once I get my computer back from hp I will try my hardest to blog more!

I am writing this as I am preparing for my trip to Sri Lanka! Thats right...sir Lanka! I am using my iPad so this isn't going to be long....but I have a confession....

I am totally addicted to buying books!!!! It's like the weirdest obsession. I love everything from fiction to self help books. And even though I have a million books that I have but not yet read, I continue to buy them. I think I can count about 15 books that are in my possession that I have not finished reading yet. And it's not that it takes me a long time to read it's that I like to read a lot at once! I have book reading ADD. And unless I think a book is amazing (ie nothing to need to read this book) I have to constantly switch back and forth.

Let me just share with you what is on my reading list now:
1. Shantaram
2. 48 law of power
3. How to win friends and influence people
4. Deluxe: how luxury lost it's luster
5. The girl with the dragon tattoo
6. Mao's great famine

Yep I'm totally in the midst of reading all of these books. As weird as it sounds I like them all but I just need to constantly switch it up. And my book buying addiction does not help. For some reason no matter how many books I own I always want another. And I'm all for real books no matter how bad it is for the environment. I love the way a real book fits In your hands and how you can fold the pages! Gosh I looooooove books! Do you have any suggestions for my next purchase? Until next time, xxoo!!

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