Saturday, February 12, 2011

Travel Schedule!

So this week I had food poisoning or something gross...i was basically a zombie for three days and am still pretty tired. But on the bright side...its the weekend! And my roomie J and I made our travel schedule for the rest of the year and I am sooooo excited about it that I had to share it with here it is:

Feb: Sri Lanka (we just came back from this trip!)
Mar: Somewhere in Malaysia
Apr: I havent decided where i want to go but there is a long weekend and I am going to do something with it
May: Vietnam
July: Nikoi Isand
Aug: Japan!
Oct: Korea
Nov: Cambodia
Dec: Home

So what do you think? Even with a trip every month I don't have enough time to see everything that I want to see...but i am soooo looking forwarded to travelling and getting out of this weird place! XXOO

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