Sunday, October 24, 2010

Holland Village + Chip Bee Gardens

Why do the weekends always pass so quickly? Its already Sunday evening but I feel like I was just at work...can't believe I have to go in again so soon. However I had a GREAT friday with A. A just moved here the beginning of October from Paris...and while my perseption of the french was marred by my disaterous time at ex-job...A is the perfect person to restore my perception. She is super sweet and great company!

It started on a high note when we got off work at 3:00pm (but even though that sounds early...i did go to work at 7am so its really just one hour less than usual but it does sound super early right?!) A and I headed to Holland Village to walk around before our mani/pedi appointment. I love being in Holland Village and can't wait until the mrt stop opens there. It just feels so quaint and cute and I love the pet shop! I should really carry my camera around more to take more pictures, but basically Holland V (as the sg-ans call it) is a little area of cafes/restaurants/shops.

One of my favorite places to get mani/pedis is this place in Holland Village that a girl from my college told me about. Its called Serenity Cove. And its just amazing...they feed you coffe/tea and cookies/chocolate and fruit, you get to choose from a variety of scrubs and lotions, they have hundreds and hundreds of nail polishes from opi, essie and orly, and best of all they have a TON of current magazines from the US (which may be my favorite part). Lately I have been loving this color from the Hong Kong collection...super sucks that I didn't buy it when they were selling it.

After that we wemt across the street to this area called Chip Bee Gardens. I never knew it existed until reading about this organic grocery shop there...and then discovered that its this area full of great restaurants. Chip Bee Gardens is basically a row of restuarants and cafes. They all look delicious and I can't wait to go back!

We decided to go to this vegetarian mediteranean restaurant called Original Sin. And not only was it cute, but I could actually eat EVERYTHING on the menu and it all sounded sooo delicious and had tooons of veggies in it. I seriously cannot believe it took me over a year to find this place. It makes me wonder what other places I have been missing out on!

After dinner we went to Orchard to do a bit of shopping. I introduced A to my all time favorite Charles & Keith! And then we went to watch The Social Network. It totally made me feel behind in life. I mean Mark Zuckerberg is only 3 years older than me and a billionaire...and I am not even close to being self sufficient and will probably never have such a direct impact on people. But nonetheless it was still a very entertaining movie.

Can you believe i did ALL that on a friday evening? Omg it was great...the rest of the weekend however was not hat exciting. Until next time, xxoo!

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