Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lights, Gala, Action!

Ready for a super long update? Well here it goes...

So singapore has been hosting the ilight at marina bay event for 3.5 weeks. They describe this as Asia's first sustainable light art festival to celebrate Singapore's nightscape. There are 26 art pieces scattered throughout the marina bay area (including near my old apartment), covering over 3.5 km. So for 2 weeks I was dying to go, as it sounded like one of the coolest things to happen in Singapore like ever. And  I finally got to go on halloween...and it did not disappoint! Here are some of my favorites:

Huge flower garden!

look its my old apartment! i miss you

So this picture does not even do any justice to how cool this is. But basically this is a huge display of tiles that are kind of a kaleidescope made by human projections of the people walking by this designated space in front of it. See next picture for a better explanation:

pretty cool right?!

thes human things changed colors and lit up brighter when real people got closer

how cute is this?

and this was my FAVORITE part of the whole thing. This performance piece by hammerhaus. It took place in a big open space and it was basically music that they wrote that was choreographed with light. What was soo impressive is that they covered the whole room with moving lights by using only 4 normal looking projectors...even the ceiling was lit! Sooo cool and impressive. I think a club like this would be so much fun.

walking around the marina bay at night made me realize how pretty singapore is at night

But asides from the ilights exhibit...last weekend was also the AmCham gala! I wish I could work on big events like this all the time! They are just sooo much fun. Here are some pics!

mid set up

me and intern during set up at our table

finished product!

Anyways that sums up my halloween weekend! it was a great but fast weekend. Until next time, xoo!!

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