Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving = SPA

Soo this is the first Thanksgiving that I've not been home...granted my family and I don't really do thanksgiving, but we do do Black Friday! But this Thanksgiving I had planned to visit my friend in Australia, and then somehow it ended up being cancelled the day before I was supposed to leave...and I was so bummed and upset and stressed that I decided what better way than to reward myself with a day at the spa.

I had been wanting to try out Spa Botanica on Sentosa for a while. So I booked myself for the Tropical Glow treatment which includes a jasmine and corriander scrub, a vichy rain shower, papaya infused mud wrap, mini facial during wrap, scalp massage, 60 minute massage and a sandwich lunch. AAAH soooooo amazing!!

But more than on the treatment later...first a little more on the spa facilities. Spa Botinaca has amazing spa facilities for Singapore...while nothing can compare to my old work Canyon Ranch which was just unbelievable in terms of facilities, Spa Botanica was nice in a completely different way; it is very nature-y and all outdoorsy.

The floatation pool...with these awesome floating mats

The mud pool...the little tub in front was filled with this awesome clay mud that you rub all over yourself...and you lie down for 20 minutes and then wash yourself off in the pool...soo cool

The pool...and across the amazing spa restaurant!

It was just really relaxing to be there...the spa was not crowded and I definitely tried the mud pool and laid out until lunch time. Lunch at the spa restaurant was delicious!! I got this delicious garden breadstick to start with that was served with chive was just soooo good. Served warm...mmm

and then i got this delicious veggie and hummus wrap!

I love spa cuisine! Next it was time for my treatment...which was booked in an outdoor pavilion. The best way to describe it is getting a massage in a private garden outside. It was so tranquil with the sound of running water. This is the only picture I could find online:

I have never had a vichy shower before...we sold it as part of packages at Canyon Ranch and I always wondered what the fuss was about. Basically you lie down on a flat table thing and there are 7 jets on top of you which spray water at alternating pressures and remperatures. Sounds not that awesome...but OMG its like heaven. Although I did feel bad about wasting sooo much water...this is the actual picture I saw at spa botanica of their outdoor vichy shower...but i totally stole it!

The whole day was sooo relaxing. My stress melted away. Even though I spent the day by myself I didn't feel lonely at all. This was one of those splurge days that probably won't happen anytime again soon, but I after the week I had I feel like it was totally well deserved! Until next time, xxoo my lovelies!!

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