Sunday, November 14, 2010

Haji Lane

This has been an incredibly looooong week at work and my one day off has just not been enough. I  can't believe sunday is over so fast! But on Friday I had a great afternoon at Haji Lane with A. I have been to Haji Lane a few times, but honestly I don't think I have gone back in almost a year even though I love it. But it has almost completely changed since last year.

Haji lane is the street filled with adorable boutiques and interesting little places that seem to change every time I go. My favorite store at Haji Lane is Soon Lee, which in the year I haven't gone has moved from this cozy second story shop to one of the biggest shops on Haji Lane. It reminds me of anthropologie...with a little bit of everything which is why I love it. I bought a great clutch and an interesting looking book there.

This book is described as "going deep inside the workings of profit margins and market share to discover the fate of real luxury". Sounds incredibly interesting...and the kind of book you would only ever notice/buy at a shop like this.

I also bought this great clutch and some fabulous clip on earrings (at another shop). A and I spent maybe an hour in this shop trying on earings. They said that the earings are all vintage from europe...which I am not certain I believe. But if you know me, the holes in my ear closed and one has a keloid (bump) scar so I don't think I will get to pierce them again. So I haven't gotten to wear earrings in a while. But this store had the most amazing collection of clip on earrings. So I bought 2 pairs and have been wearing them around the house all weekend to see how long I could wear them without my ears hurting. And suprisingly they don't hurt that much! They say they get new stocks every few weeks, so I can't wait to go check it out again!

inside of the clutch..super handy and it came in 7 colors...i wonder if i should go back to get another?

So after a bit of shopping, A and I wandered into this 2nd story bar and dessert cafe called Bar Stories. It is just completely adorable and super cozy.

another pic i found from their facebook site.

This would be the cutest place to to grab drinks with friends before heading out...however since its so small I wonder how crowded it would get.

Anyways Haji Lane is one of my favorite places in Singapore! I am not going to stay away for soo long again! Until next time, xxoo!

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