Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shoe Crazy

I feel like i do nothing interesting anymore, and therefore have nothing to update this blog with. I have been going to yoga a lot the past few weeks and am feeling really centered. I usually go right after work with P, so most weekdays I am gone from the house ALL day and on the weekends I just feel like being a lazy bum.

I did do a bit of power shopping last weekend...and I wanted to update last week...but i was too busy during the week to take pictures. I don't know why, but lately I have been really obsessed with shoes. Especially fall shoes, like boots...unfortunately these are the one kind of shoes I will never be able to wear in Singapore.

Right now I am loving  these boots from Aldo...they look like flat boots but they have this hidden wedge! I adore them...I seriously need to move out of this hot and sticky country.

So cute right?!

these booties are perhaps more practical for singapore?

This fall shoe envy spurned a shoe shopping spree last weekend! Three pairs of shoes in one weekend. 2 pairs from charles and Keith (love) and one pair from new look. Charles and keith is such a hit or miss...the last few months I have not seen anything remotely cute...but last weekend while waiting to meet P for lunch I went in for a browse and came out with 2 pairs of shoes and plans to come back for bag.

work shoes, booties, clogs

i'm not sure when i will wear these...but i totally adore them

i love the cute cut outs on these shoes...the perfect way to spice up boring work clothes

Well I am off to the gym and maybe some more shopping after?! Until next time, xxoo from swingapore!

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