Friday, December 25, 2009

christmas countdown

LOVE IT!! in singapore they call christmas eve...countdown. like a countdown to open presents? who knows what these crazy materialistic singaporean came up with? but i had the best countdown imaginable in singapore! here's why

1. great friends! janet is so awesome...i never thought i would meet someone I actually liked in singapore...i did!! janet i'm going to miss hanging out with you EVERY weekend...i hope your replacement is half as awesome.

2. i have the most amazing jacuzzi/pool ever. arent you jealous?!

3. twilight, ugly betty AND weeds. too much awesome television in one night.

4.awesome bottle of champagne (regifted by my scary bossman). sometimes its nice to have a boss that EVERYONE is afraid of...bc he gets tons of christmas presents...donates them to the poor..AKA me! love it! its funny because last week when we had dinner at jaan we drank this exact same champagne for 50 dollars a glass!

5. the nail place underneath my building opened! its called CONFESS...and it has the cutest wallpaper. i love the new suede opi nail polish they have. and i wish i could show you a picture of janet's awesome christmas nails. those nails were enough to make me a loyal customer.

thank you singapore for making my first christmas away from home memorable!

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