Saturday, July 30, 2011

TWO Years

It's official...I have been living/working in Singapore for 2 years. Time has passed by SO quickly and this is much more time than I ever thought I would ever stay here!

As much as I hated living here at first, I am now realizing how truly lucky I am to have spent my first 2 years out of college in Singapore. I look at the people I know from home, who have not had the amazing travel opportunities I have had and will probably never in their lives see anything like Nikoi and the people at home who don't get to work in the field they've always wanted to or those who have no idea what their dream jobs would even be yet, and I feel incredibly blessed!

I just read this article/blog: Are America's Best Days Behind It?
And it made me quite sad...if you read the readers' comments many people believe this to be true. And this makes me feel even more lucky that I have had work experience in Asia while I am young! At least I can bring this experience back home with me.

I look back to two years ago, and I see that living here has given me more confidence and independence I would never have developed living at home. I have made some AMAZING friends and seriously lived the life of luxury here.So in much as you annoy me...I really have to thank you Singapore for taking me in and offering me the experience/opportunities of a lifetime! Until next time, xxoo!

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Janet said...

I miss you!! Happy 2 years day!!!