Sunday, September 4, 2011

Things that Caught My Eye - August

August went by so was beyond stressful and just way too busy and there was not much time to do anything else! But here is a quick look at some things that caught my eye this past month!

1. Curlformers...I know they look crazy BUT I totally want to try this no heat way of curling hair. I showed you all the video of the headband trick to curl hair which is great, but never manages to really curl my hair in the back as much as the front. I think look so easy to use and kind of fun!

2. BB Texture Creme- I became totally obsessed with this stuff after watching the video below. I got P to bring it back for me from the states and I love it! It really defines the curls I get from using the headband trick and it gives my usually straight flat hair volume and texture like nothing else I have ever used. I am seriously in love with this stuff! 

3. Coastal Scents Makeup Palettes- Lately I have been a LITTLE bit addicted to youtube videos...and my a little I mean kind of a lot! I just never knew the wealth of information/how-to's that are out there. I've seen so many reviews on things that I have never heard of like the Coastal Scents Makeup Palettes! Most reviews I have seen on these have been pretty great and there are just SO many fun colors and they are really affordable. I can't wait to go home  and buy some of the palettes for myself.

4. Celine Luggage Tote- I am in LOVE with this bag. It has such a great shape and would be perfect for work! Its such a sophisticated grown up bag, and at 24 I think it is definitely time for a bag like this. This is the exact one I like....

5. Goa- P, J  and I have been planning (well talking about planning) a big trip to INDIA for next January. We are definitely going to do the Golden Triangle but I am dying to go to Goa as well. I've heard such great things about it...India is going to be such a great trip!

6. Hunger Games trailer- I was introduced to The Hunger Games trilogy last year when my good friend told me to read the books and I immediately became obsessed and forced my other friends to read them! I desperately wanted these books to become movies because some of the stuff described in the book (like the costumes they wear riding into the ring that are lit on fire) I really just wanted to see. A few months ago my wish came true and they announced that the first movie will come out March 2012. Well they just released a short trailer...and I am SO excited! I seriously cannot wait!

Check back soon for an update on my trip with P and J to MYANMAR (bet you can't point to myanmar on a map...don't worry I couldn't either until about a month ago). Until next time, xxoo!

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