Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Philippines

So basically this whole month, I have been super busy on the weekends...which are my times to sorry for the lack of posts! I actually went on two amazing trips this month! I am so lucky to live in a country the size of a basically leaving the country/city is SUPER easy and there are some amazing places really close!

My friend A, is from the philippines, and was planning to go visit for a few weeks. On a whim, I decided to meet her there for a weekend and it was pretty AMAZING! I don't have most of the pictures, since I got lazy and let A take all the pics on her here is just a little snippet of  the trip!

So basically, a family friend ( I feel like that is the easiest way to describe it) owns a chunk of beach in Cebu...and I have never and will probably never experience anything like this again! Being on a private beach, in some cute was pure relaxation. Here is the view: 

bungalow over the water

the beach is right across the water...this is the view from our little bungalow

the beach where we were staying from the boat we took out...see the little specks on the right..they are the bungalows!

So basically we just relaxed at this beach retreat for a day and a half. We also went on some traditional boat around the neighboring islands and snorkeled. I got stabbed by some sea urchin look a like which REALLY stung sooo bad...and actually a little chunk was stuck in my foot until yesterday when I got a pedicure.

view of a near by island from our boat

Then A and I spent a day in Manilla which really reminds me of like downtown Los Angeles...well Los Angeles in general...traffic...nice malls..not so nice areas...and more traffic. We stayed at the Peninsula which had the MOST intense security! There were 2 drug sniffing dogs, a metal detector, a bag search and these metal barricade thing for cars...really insane. But it was a gorgeous hotel!

And take a look at the gorgeous sunset I saw out of the plane on the way back to Singapore...Life could not get any better right now, I am such a lucky girl...until next time, xxoo!

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