Saturday, July 23, 2011


So you may not know this, but I love braids! I always make my mom braid my hair when I am home. But for basically my whole life, I have never been able to french braid. So one day, I really wanted to learn the waterfall braid...and i looked up the braid on youtube, and found  the most amazing hair tutorials! When I think of youtube, I have always just thought of music videos and watching funny videos....but who knew the wealth of information out there! So basically for the past few weeks I have been OBSESSED with watching videos on kind of blows my mind how some young girls can make a name for themselves so young from youtube!

Anyways here are 2 videos that have basically changed my life!

This is the video that taught me the french braid...and dutch braid..and fishtail...and all of her guides have made me an awesome braider

This video really is teaches you how to curl your hair with just a headband...and let me tell you the curls look really awesome and its really comfortable to sleep in!

I can't stop watching youtube videos...well mostly hair guides! I think i might just do that now...until next time, xxoo!

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