Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cake Baking Love

So pinterest has been inspiring me to try to bake and decorate cakes! Actually pinterest has been inspiring me in a lot of aspects of life like hair, makeup and style. I used to love buying magazines and looking at all the pictures. Now I can look at tons of pictures through pinterest! But back to the high school I used to bake all the time and bring the treats I made to school to share with friends. I sort of stopped baking in college and have recently fell back into it!

I have only been baking stuff from boxes though, so I guess its not REAL baking, but I figured I could build back into that. But I've made a few cakes for birthdays and someone actually paid me to make a cake for their boyfriend! So here is a look at some of the creations I have made in the past few months:

pink gradient cake for p's birthday

the cake someone paid me to make

halloween cake!

The only thing about baking is that there are never enough people to finish my creations..that probably means I need more friends or something, Well I am trying to think of something new to try next...until next time, XXOO!

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