Monday, October 31, 2011

Things that Caught my Eye- October

This month has been a crazy one for me. We just had this huge gala event for Special Olympics last week that basically sucked up all of my time, and we have two big events next of which is really big for me as I am running the whole event (its a golf tournament. hooray!). But that doesn't mean I haven't found time to find some covet-able things!

1. Mac Nailpolish in Immortal Gold- I have seriously been wearing this nail polish all month. It is the perfect gold and I am SO obsessed with it. I think I am going to take it off my nails and repaint it tonight. You know what is funniest about this is the fact that I could not even paint my own nails until I watched some youtube videos...and now I am kind of really into buying different colors of nail polish, because I can finally paint my own nails now! Oh and just a side note, Forever 21 has the most amazing collection of nail polishes for super cheap! I bought 3 for just 10 dollars!

2. Soap and Glory- I had never heard of this brand before, but after seeing it at Sephora I am hooked. I think it is the cute packaging that first drew me to it, but I now have bought a few of the products and I am absolutely hooked. Everything smells amazing! I think the Girligo spray lotion is my smells delicious.

3. Hunter Rain boots- Thinking about where I might be next year has really put in the mood to wear fall and winter clothing. I am particularly obsessed with rain boots. I really love the knit sock sticking out of rain boots look and I think these may be the perfect pair of rain boots...I love the brown and black together.

4. Red Sunglasses- I saw a pair of bright red square Dior sunglasses at a store the other day and I've been a little bit obsessed ever since! The Dior ones were extremely expensive here in Singapore, but I spotted these Marc by Marc ones online and think these are very similar. Plus I love the bow detail. I love sunglasses and have many pairs, but I hardly wear them in Singapore, since I spend so much time inside because of the heat.

5. Inslee Haynes Illustrations- I discovered her stuff on pinterest. I am telling you I am completely obsessed with pinterest, but I may be even more obsessed with Inslee Hayne's illustrations. Her stuff is so cute and she does commissions...and I kind of want one! I wonder how expensive one would be. You should check out her blog...I spent an entire evening just going through all of her posts staring at her cute illustrations. Sometimes I really wish I was artistic.

Well now that you've seen some of things that have caught my eye this month...tell me what are some of the things you have been obsessed with. Until next time my lovelies, XXOO!

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