Saturday, June 25, 2011

Medz at Orchard Central

So I found this really awesome restaurant with P a few weeks ago. Ok it has a pretty terrible name...Medz. But it is AMAZING. Its a Mediterranean version of one of my other fave places to eat, Marche. So there are different stations offering a variety of foods from all over the Mediterranean area. The funny thing about this is that there is also a Japanese restaurant like this, and all three serve rosti (giant potato/hash brown pancake things). But Medz may be the cutest of the three...and definitely the most delicious!

food stations...

even the bathroom entrance is cute

Medz is filled with cute sitting areas

not a good picture...but the hummus comes with the most delicious squishy fluffy pita bread. yum

Anyways, since Medz just opened they have these awesome happy hour all day and 25% off your meal so me and P's meals came out to about $6 each! What a score, right? Sometimes Singapore is alright...until next time, XXOO!

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