Sunday, March 28, 2010


So lately my blog hasn't been about my fabulous experiences in Singapore, and I want to keep my blog super happy and frivolous...but i just need to say this I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE AMERICA with ALL my HEART!! No matter what has happened or is happening at this moment, thank you for making a place that is so diverse and exciting and just plain GREAT! I love that I am able to speak my mind and can chose for myself what is appropriate for me to watch/read/listen to. If any Americans have doubts of how amazing the United States is, take some time and live here and you will learn to appreciate our country!


I HATE how everyone has an opinion on the USA...when I tell you I am American do you think I want to hear your opinion. Do you think I give a shit? Do you think I want you to belittle my nation? Do you really think I will enjoy you think PRETENDING to understand what is going on in MY COUNTRY because you watch Chanel 5 News (which is actually on Chanel don't you think you should rename it?) or worse FOX NEWS will make me want to be your friend?! Back off Singaporeans (and people who live here)...just because I live here at the moment DOES NOT mean I am some sort of political/economic migrant!

Maybe you are wondering what is bringing on this intense patriotism? This month in particular I have had a lot of people SHOVING their opinions of the United States of America, Obama and Americans down my throat. I've heard tons of people putting down America all while knowing that I am an American. And just about EVERYONE here seems to have an opinion about America.

SG, what gives you the right to have an opinion on America when I am not able to have an opinion on you? And for the record: 1) Just because we are fighting a war does not mean we ALL support the reason, but I do support my country. 2) The color of President Barrack Obama's skin has nothing to do with his ability to govern our country...what century do you live in anyways?! 3) America is not filled with murderers and gun slinging criminals...I have never been caught in a shoot out, a bank robbery or a gang fight. I have never even seen a gun in person. 4) I am not speaking "American Slang". I am speaking proper English...maybe you should learn it?!? 5) Just because America faced a recession, does not mean its all downhill now!

Let me just recap a conversation I had in the jacuzzi tonight with a random stranger who I had previously met at the jacuzzi with J
Stanger: Hey girl I met you before. You from California?
Me: Um yes?
Stranger: How you like it so far? Don't you work for a hotel or an airplane? How it compare to California?
Me: Well it is different here, especially work. People can be mean...they make you work a lot and put you down a lot.
Stranger: Oh they probably just work you hard here...
Me: Well I mean here, they are allowed to tell you that you are dumb which is kind of mean and you would get sued for that in America.
Stranger: Don't talk about America.
Me: (in my mind) you asked me to moron!
Stranger: In the next 50 years there be no money in America. All the money will be in Asia
Me: (still in my mind) you will be dead in 50 years...and yeah fucking right all the money will be in Asia
Stranger: America no going to has 200 billion tied to Europe and Europe crashing too
Me: (still in my mind) where do you get your ideas from?!
Stranger: Fox News says that...
Me: Fox News is not the opinion of the whole of America
Stranger: Still America will have no money. Europe fail...Asia will have all the money
Me: That's what I mean, people in Singapore are kind of mean....

Yes. that conversation happened today. I may have corrected his grammar a bit...but I tried to keep it authentic! Like who in their right minds goes to insult the country that someone says they are from. That is like me saying to a French person....hey don't you guys lose a lot of wars? Why isn't anyone taught manners here? This type of conversation happens to me all the time and it is sooooooooo annoying! Please learn some manners or I mean please don't think that I as an American am interested in your opinion on my place of citizenship.

Sorry for the rant, but my point is...that I am so proud to be an American!! I miiiiiss you USA! Get a grip Singapore...and stop giving me your opinions...I am not a gallup poll!  No matter how hard you try I am not going to change my mind...until next time, xxoo!


PS I adore the President and the First Lady!

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Flightless said...

Man Stephanie you should take this opportunity to be brutally honest!!!! When the meanies attack, attack back with your knowledge of America and correct dialect.