Friday, March 26, 2010

Weird Singapore

Singapore is filled with funny things! From food to people Singapore is great for laughs and new experiences! For example....

smart advertising inside a public toilet

you have heard of shaved ice with syrup...but these blocks of ice are already flavored! this is mango and strawberry

SH was brave enough to eat this "soursop ice jerry"...its a dessert supposedly

Goldfish shaped dumplings!

happy happy joyful fruit drink and grape jelly juice

you can't see it too well but you put your legs in the water and there are little fishies who eat the dead skin off your feet/legs...all while you surf the web/play games

last but not least the excellent fashion choices made by singaporeans...yes that is a man in a fishnet shirt sitting on the subway

Wouldn't you agree...Singapore is a funny place to be! xxoo!

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