Monday, March 15, 2010

Week one of the Better Me!

So this was week one of my Being a Better Me challenge...and I have to say that I am way proud of myself. I don't know that I have ever been this motivated! I have the best intentions but I am usually such a slacker when it comes to these things. Slacker no more! First, I updated my list to Being a Better Me.

1. Learn spanish- living here has made me realize how important it is to know more languages in the hospitality world...and if i want to work in los angeles spanish will be very useful

2. Learn floral design- it seems soooo fun and and i think it will be great for event planning

3. Learn calligraphy- i totally need better handwriting

4. Start learning web design- ditto number two

5. Learn to cook actual food- i think this is inspired by this cooking for beginners book i saw at the bookstore.

6. Exercise more/ just be healthier- if I am going to be this much more awesome person and love life more...well i need to be super healthy so I can enjoy life for a longer time. You know unless i die in a freak accident.

7. Practice chinese- i should take advantage of living in this crazy asian country right?!

8. Spend less money on things...and save it to spend on experiences- i want to be less materialistic

9. Take yoga/pilates- it seems to make people more zen and i want to continue on this zen streak that i have been on

10. Read the newspaper at least twice a week- its scary how little i know about the current going ons of the world

11. Say YES to more things- i dont want to miss out on any opportunity because i am scared or worried what others will think

12. Focus on me- sometimes i get caught up in what everyone else is doing and how i compare, but it really doesn't matter does it? I am my own person, and these 11 months I am going to focus on bettering myself!

13. Travel around Asia- if I am stuck in this place, I want to see all the amazing places that surround it

14. Stop HATING on Singapore- whether I like it or not I am stuck here for 11 more months, so maybe I can stop focusing on the negative and focus on the the great friends I have met!

15. Take more pictures- pictures are like moments in time, and I want to remember every moment I can when I am old!

16. Wear Sunscreen- I have noticed that I am getting sun spot/freckles on my arms...and I don't want skin cancer

17. Read more- but not just easy summer beach reads, but also legitimate works of literature and business-y books. Does someone know of a good reading list/book I should read next?

18. Develop a basic understanding of wine- that just seems very important in the hospitality industry. And I already bought the Wine for Dummies book when I first got here so I really need to start reading that.

19. Network- even though it is Singapore and I have zero intentions of staying here longer than i have to...its good practice for when it actually counts. And I think I am terrible at networking!

20. Walk more- I really want those funny reebok-make-your-ass-look-great sneakers! And I also just realized how close to each other everything is in Singapore

So that's my updated list! And then on Thursday I went around looking for a Spanish course to sign up for...and C told me of one at Sommerset. I had no idea what it was called...but I showed up and they told me there was a Basic Spanish course starting that night in 1 hour. So I signed up and have had my first Spanish lesson. Its instructor only speaks in Spanish for the entire class and the class size is really small!

Then, yesterday I had my first floral arranging class...and it was so much fun! I was hoping that this would be my secret talent, but I'm not sure it is as I broke some flowers. But check out my first arrangement...what do you think? I'm pretty impressed with myself, if I must say.

And I walked home from work for the frist time ever...and realized that its actually a gorgeous walk home and its not too far! So far I've walked home twice. And I also went to the gym with SH...and we are going to make a fitness plan for when we live together as well. All in all, I had a really productive out world, here I come!


Flightless said...

an awesome florist had been on my list of things-i-would-be-if-i-could-do-it-all too!

S said...

vickie...we can do it ALL! when are we going to skype?!