Friday, March 19, 2010


SH has been reminding me of how much I love Chanel. I stopped using my Chanel bag because I did not want to rub in a certain someone's face that my parents support me to the fullest and will buy their only daughter nice things. As for a brief while this someone was the friend I relied on the most...however I have tried to cut back on this habit as she brings out the worst in me.

But the point of this story is that SH also <3's Chanel...and we saw this probably fake version of an adorable Chanel purse at Far East and I just wanted to share with you!

How cute is that?! It combines two of my + nautical theme. I wish I was already my future-hopefully-successful self.

And while we are at about a few more pictures?

SH: i would be so much more motivated to try tennis if we had these cute rackets!

I find the designer bike trend a bit much...I mean bikes are easy to steal and you're just asking for it by riding on a designer bike...but I bet people who buy these don't ride them around the street

skiing is totally cool when you have chanel skis!

I hope that I can acutally save some money this year...and if/when I finish my time in Singapore I can buy myself I nice Chanel something. I am so motivated to pull out my Chanel bag now....until next time, xxoo!

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