Thursday, April 1, 2010

Week 2 and 3!

So I've been trying very hard to accomplish my goals! And so far I think I've been successful. I have attended four flower arrangement classes as of yet...and while I was wishing that was going to be my secret talent, it is not. But I must say that I'm not as awful as I could be. Take a look at my last three creations...

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

I feel like there must be a future where I can utilize these new skills...right?! I like being creative so much more than I like the mundane reality of my job.

So flower arranging is going great...BUT i think I may have been a little over excited when I signed up for Spanish class. My course is way too easy. I've had four classes so far and all i have learned is how to say my name, how are, and where are you from. And I realized that these courses do not even get that intense! I probably need to take private lessons after this if I want to be semi-decent.

And I just purchased my cookbook from which I will hopefully learn to be a better cook. However seeing as I have soooo few kitchen utensils that may be difficult...but I am going to try my best! Do you think this guy can really make me a better chef?!

And I signed up for yoga this week! I went to yoga four times already this week...and am hoping to make it tomorrow before work. I secretly always thought that I would be ok at yoga because I have danced and ice skated, however I actually am awful at it...and am no longer very flexible. I do have high hopes for yoga though...the place I signed up for is called PURE Yoga and is super zen and cute. Check out the website for pictures!

I've also been catching up on the news when I can...and realized that the Singapore newspaper is such an easy read...its like a magazine and I actually enjoy reading it maybe because its mostly fluff? But i totally wish there was like a catch up on current events book/blog or something. Like a breakdown of all the events that are being reported on right now...for instance what is the history of this medical reform thing that just happened...and what exactly just happened with this reform?

And I've basically been focusing on me a lot. I am happy and things that used to piss me off for days just do not have that effect on me anymore. I got an awesome massage the other day at Inner Peace...they have a special that is a 60 minute full body massage and it continues into a 30 minute foot reflexology while you're still lying down on the comfy massage bed. I <3 massages! Life is good at the moment...I'm even debating skipping the trip home to have an adventure in Europe with J!

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Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you. The floral creations look great. My co-worker wants to hire you for her wedding.