Tuesday, April 27, 2010

in retrospect...

The last few days I've been having the worst days and could only focus on how much i hate Singapore. Very much like the old me. But then today I went shopping and it made me feel SOOOO much better! A shopping diet is not healthy for me...good thing i bought some super cute things and four books!! Here's an update on what I forgot to update all of you on (and by all I mean you three who read my blog) and a look at my new purchases.

So you may have heard about my eyelash extensions which I got 3 weeks ago. Sounded like a great idea at the time...but the moment they were on I wanted them off. they were annoying and uncomfortable, got in the way of wearing sunglasses and yoga (child pose), and hid some of the light coming in so I felt sleepy all the time and would collect water while i was taking a shower so i could never see. However the plus side was I did not put on mascara for 2 weeks! And my eyelashes looked like this...

The biggest downside is that I am now missing a small chunk of eyelash bc I tried to get them off myself. I probably will never do that again!

Last week I went with D (my adorable neighbor) to the Botanical Gardens for the first time. It was crazy hot and I couldn't stop sweating...but it was sooo beautiful. I was too hot to take pictures...so heres one I stole from the internet. I am totally going again and will take more pictures then.

And this past weekend I went to see CHICAGO with SH at Esplanade! It was great to hear an american accent for 2 hrs...but what I DO NOT understand is how these crazy Singaporeans can understand these people in the musical speaking with an american accent BUT refuse to understand me. I actually got told this week by a china/singlish retard that she couldn't understand me because I don't speak proper English. Newsflash: I am one of the few in Singapore who DO! Anyways...this is the best picture I have....bc I suck at picture taking but will definitely improve this year!

And after we watched Chicago we had Haagen Daaz!! MMmmm...I had this waffle dream or something. A fresh made waffle with mape syrup and four mini scoops of ice cream. The Haagen Daaz stores in Singapore are so much better than in the US. There are sooo many cute sundaes and ice cream creations!

And SH took this really cool picture with the negative setting...just thought i would share! :)

And finally, today I went to eat with V at one of my favorite places in Singapore...PS Cafe!Its my favorite for Brunch but I found it today that it is also great for lunch...mmmm I love western food! I had this amazing tomato mozarella pesto sandwich with brocolli soup. I love brocolli!!


Later I took V to Far East and I got the cutest jewellry! This great necklace...

It says good luck in a bunch of languages...darling!

I also bought 4 books at borders! Crazy I know...but it was buy 3 for the price of 2...which is my favorite promotion...and they actually for once had good books! And the next book of the Bridal Quartet was out so I also bought that. I love the Bridal Quartet books...its about four childhood friends who grow up together and start a wedding planning business at one of the girl's family estate. One girls is the planner, one girl does flowers, one does cakes and one does photography...and they all live within the grounds of the estate. Its so cute i wish I could be lucky enough to do something like that...and I love how these best friends still live so near each other and work together!

And lastly I got these super cute shoes...although a bit impractical for my day to day slipper wearing life they are super comfy!

And this evening ended with me watching C make cookies. I know I should help since one of my yet to be conquered to goals is to be able to cook but since she was making it from a pre-mix and I was lazy I just watched. She did attend the Culinary Institute of America for 6 months so I am sure she knows what she's doing. 

They were peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips. They reminded me of my favorite childhood cookie...the peanut butter surprise at Blue Chip Cookies...which went bankrupt when I was like 7 or 8. But I still remember getting one everytime I went skating at the PV mall....mmm and they had the best brownies!! I used to get one before skating with my friend Faryn (yes her name was either Faryn or Faren) and we would put them on the ledge of the rink and eat a bite every time we went by. Or maybe that only happened once? Anyways, I miss being a kid...everything was so much easier then. Until next time, xxoo!

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