Thursday, April 22, 2010

Does your computer do this?!

So I have recently had some time on my hands and have been playing around on my computer…and I have to say that I never knew how amazing my laptop with Microsoft 2007 was! Like why does no one tell you about these new awesome things that have been added to computers? I have not had to make a powerpoint since I have had this laptop, but I am currently working on one for work and WOW powerpoint is so much awesome and easier to use than before. They make it so easy for your presentations to look professional. And I know as usual I must be late on the game as it is 2010 not 2007 but I am soooooo impressed. Like you can use Word to publish blogposts?! So cool!
Here are some of the cool things I found on my computer during my free time. Does your computer do this?
Crazy cute game….Purble Place! I am pretty sure the game is geared toward little girls. But I love the cake making game that is part of Purble Place. You just make these really cute cakes and on the advanced level I can't even win yet. Ugh it makes me crave cake though…which is now every day. Because my days at the laptop are not complete without a challenge at Purble Place. Is this like a normal game now on all computers?

And I also found another fun game called Ink Blot, where you try to get the colored ball into the corresponding hole but you can use your mouse to draw barriers for your ball to bounce off of. Like computer games are now so much more fun than boring Solitaire or that Minesweep game or Spider Solitaire which I have yet to figure out how to play.

I saved the best for last. I am in love with Microsoft One Note!!! I've described it to a bunch of people and it seems like no one knows what it is…and I can't believe that I would have continued living my life not knowing about this amazing program if I hadn't had all this free time. It is sooooo amazing. And its not new because there was a Microsoft One Note 2003…I wonder if all those years my old computer had it and I never knew. I feel so cheated…because this program would have been the perfect thing to get through college…they even have templates for "history notes", "math notes" and the like.
For all of you out there wondering what the hell Microsoft One Note is…..go to your Microsoft Office programs and see if you have it! I cannot describe it well enough. But basically its like file folders and binders for all the things in your brain on your computer. You can make all these cute tabbed sections for every little thing and write anywhere on the screen and paste any sort of Microsoft doc into it, put in anything from online, share these notes with colleagues, have a brainstorm with your co-workers on it, take the text out of pictures and scanned items and just crazy cool stuff! Like it basically does everything that I would ever want a computer to do!

I can't wait until ex-roomie and I are super fantastic event planners. I can just imagine us using Microsoft One Note with little file tabs for all of our clients…and we will have cool tablet PCs so we can actually input our own handwriting into it! The only down side to Microsoft One Note is that I am realizing how boring my life is…because I definitely have no need to be this organized at the moment!
Anyways, you probably think that I am so weird for being this excited about my computer. But I cannot even imagine the creative ability it takes to develop something like Microsoft One Note! I mean it is everything you never knew you wanted your computer to do. And I feel so behind in the times for not knowing these things, and so dorky for writing a blog about them! Until next time, xxoo from Swingapore!


Janet said...

ahahaha im loving it! gonna check it out ASAP

Flightless said...

Ink blot looks like SO much fun! Remember roller coaster tycoon?! Sooo addicting. I've actually been wanting to completely restore (delete and freeup all the memory) my old windows desktop computer and use it as a gaming computer. I have already gotten an external hard drive to transfer the old files. All I have to do now is figure out the restoration (according to my research I may not be able to darn it!)

I have mac word 08 and it too has that note taking thing. But its a different layout in word and not its own program. it allows you to audio record as you take notes -awesome!

Making powerpoints are fun! especially with those special effects where you can have your words fly into the screen and such then transition into the next slide in a cool way.

S said...

vickie i miss your randomness soooo much...calling you soon to set up a skype date. maybe tuesday?