Saturday, May 22, 2010

REALLY?!! do people really think this?!!

there are no words for this...i read this quote in a magazine while getting foot reflexology! i hope its not too blurry for you! i took a bunch more pictures of crazy quotes from singaporeans in that magazine but none of them as ridiculous as this..and the rest are kind of blurry...

This is the quote "The event that struck me most in 2009 was the announcement that the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Barack Obama and the fact that he did not reject it. This shows how corrupted the entire world of man has become. The United States is the largest exporter of weapons of mass destruction and shipped out almost $30b of it last year. Barack Obama should have rejected the Peace prize and told the panel of judges that until he can stop his country from this activity he should not be nominated for one. I am disgusted with the dishonesty of Man."
The words corrupted and dishonesty stand out the most. What would the US/Obama have looked like to the world if he turned down the Nobel Peace Prize?! Of course people are entitled to their own opinion...but they do seem to publish a lot of negative things about other countries here.....see the attitude of singapore. That doesn't seem very fair...but I guess the world is not fair. But its ok...Singapore I still love you for giving me a job and letting me live the good life...until next time, xxoo!!

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