Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Great Singapore Sale

So on a much lighter note that my last update...I had a great day today! It is the last day of the week bc of the public holiday  tomorrow. I saw sex and the city 2 with V and C, which was amazing! I hope that I will get to do fabulous things in my life one day. The clothes were a bit outrageous...but so beautiful!

I want to visit the UAE now! and I love all of their dresses in this picture...i love dresses...the lazy girl's outfit

perfect lazy girl dress..cute and comfy looking

and i just think this dress is amazing! i also loved the jacket she wore with it in the movie..

Anyways, the Great Singapore Sale also started this week. And I have officially fallen off the no shopping bandwagon. All my fave UK brands had giant sales, and of course everything I wanted was available in my size. This great singapore sale deal is supposed to last 2 monts! How am I going to get back on the bandwagon and save money for EXPERIENCES like I wanted to?! The only thing I can think of is to not carry my credit cards around anymore and just keep enough money for food/taxi rides with me. I bought a few things yesterday and went lunchtime shopping today! So um I am just going to tell myself that this was all a birthday present for myself to justify it. What do you think of my purchases?

I love the beading on this makes me think of 1920s/ gatsby+daisy

as you know i have been really into the "lazy" dress, my go to outfit...but this was just too cute to resist

you guessed it...another lazy dress. but in my mind this would look super cute under a menswearish black jacket...too bad its soooo hot in singapore!

cute tunic to wear with other lazy girl go to

so I bought the black dress underneath...and this is the outfit i made for myself today (the first in a long time) but wearing the denim shirt just made me hot...and i was wishing the whole time that i was just wearing the dress on its own. dressing cute in singapore is just too difficult.

this is the dress by itself/how this lazy girl will be wearing it from now on  : )

So I have just realized that I have lately been writing tons about shopping...and thats super materialistic and ultra boring. But honestly, there is not that much to do here...and with the weather as crazy hot as it has been there is even less to do. I was doing soooooo well with not shopping and I have no idea what happened. Well I am definitely going to try to not buy any more clothes in June.

This weekend is a long weekend and I want to do fun things...but I cannot think of anything that won't be crowded or hot. Hopefully I will think of something...and will finally post something that doesn't involve my shopping skills. Until next time, xxoo lovelies!

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