Friday, May 7, 2010

Flowers and more

Since we last spoke I've made a really difficult decision about my future....I can't talk about it yet until everything is settled...but I really hope I made the right choice! But anyways I've been really lazy to post these pictures of my last 2 floral arrangements. But here they are...I have to say they are much better than the previous ones.

Number 6

Number 7

Number 7 (take 2) without the cage looking thing

So I am almost done with my 10 class course, but I think I will sign up for the certificate course and take floral classes for approximately another year. I really enjoy it! The only thing is that I wish it was closer to my apartment...getting home with a huge flower arrangement whether by taxi or subway is really difficult, especially since people never ever give way in Singapore!
Anyways...I have been working everyday since my last post and it was exhausting! I'm so glad its the weekend now, but all I can think of is how near Monday is. Does a job exist out there that people look forward to? Because I can't imagine myself getting up for the next 40 years doing the same boring stuff everyday at matter how well it pays. Life is so short and I do not understand people who can do a job they are indifferent to for their whole lives...that sounds like hell.
On a lighter note...I managed to go shopping once this week after work at New Look. What I like about Singapore is that they have all these European brands that we don't have at home like this shop New Look. There was a great sale and another thing I adore about Singapore is that they always have my size at sales! Back home, everyone is size Medium and a lot of people have bigger feet, however in Singapore I am the oddity! Therefore shoes always come in my size and the sales racks are filled with things my size. I really wanted to buy a lot more stuff but I reigned myself in checkout these cute things!

I love dresses like this...that are supposed to look like a top and bottom but aren't! So easy

I love bows!

And lastly this cute top. I feel like ever since i moved here I've been just throwing on dresses and calling it a day...but I really should practice making outfits and dressing cute again...I mean I'm not going to live in this humid hamsterball my whole life!

Anyhow, that's all I have for now...until next time, xxoo!

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