Sunday, May 30, 2010

Long Weekend Fun

This past friday was Vesak Day...meaning we go the day off! Thank you Buddha for this holiday...i'm not sure what this buddhist holiday is all about...but I love long weekends! I had plans to do fun exciting things...but I ended up just taking it easy and staying in air conditioning.

I finally got to go to another flower arranging class...and made this "inverted T" design. I will show you it the intense too frou frou way my teacher made it...and the way i like it. I did everything with the flowers and my teacher added all the branches afterwards (one of the tall flowers fell over on my ride home...its supposed to be more centered but you get the idea!)

so this is how i like it...actually even better would be without the sticks on the side.

this is a little bit much...but still ok...the branches of stuff really accent the shape of the T

AND this is what my instructor added to it..all these crazy branches...its a bit intense right?

Anyways this weekend was great...lots of chill out time and yoga time. I went to double yoga class one day...and it felt great! Until I was crazy sore the next day. I wanted to go find the ice rink with W but ended up being too lazy we are going to find it next weekend. I really miss skating...I wonder what it will be like to skate in rental skates..I will probably eat it just trying to get around the rink.

O and I bought these 2 rings like a week ago...what do you think?!

I really want one of those large rings that take up your whole finger...I just love how they look but so far I can't find any in Singapore....these are them!

Anyways...I bought 2 books today too! Eat pray love and hunger games....both are recommendations...and I hope they are good. I can't wait to start reading them. Until next time lovelies!


Janet said...

OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE the rings!!

Totally didnt like eat pray love tho.. The Itallian part is great, but the Indian part took me like forever.. She just keeps on yawning about meditation, andn i just never felt like that because of yoga..

miss you!

S said...

yeeeah i really want the bcbg ones!! miss u toooooo!