Saturday, May 22, 2010


So last weekend I left straight from work to the airport so that C and I could go to phuket for the weekend. Then i got back into singapore 2am Monday morning and went back to work at 8am! As fun as travelling took me a whole week to catch up on missing sleep and exhaustion from travelling. But I had a great time!!

So we never left the I didn't see phuket at all and will definitely have to go back. But it was so nice to relax at the pool/beach all day. The resort was so beautiful...and I forgot how large/expansive resorts could be. There were 3 pools! including one with a swim up bar...and one was more than 7 feet deep! I love deep pools...u can just jump in/dive and its so nice! Basically our trip was like this: Saturday morning wake up to room service, walk around, go to the pool, eat lunch at the pool, continue laying out, walk to the beach, shower, dinner at a teppanyaki restaurant (yummy), village-y shopping, sleep. Sunday morning yummy breakfast wrap, lounge at another pool, lunch at the cafe, massage, lounge at another pool, dinner, airport. and now some pictures!

the garden of the resort

getting my zen-ness on at the lobby

C at a pretty zen den part of the lobby

pool number 1

pool number 2

oops i forgot to take a picture of pool's another of pool 2!

gorgeous got this whole room to yourself with a private dressing area, huge shower, huge tub, bathroom, and outside area for thai massages or al fresco massafes...maybe the best spa i've ever been to!

private outside for each room!!

outdoor shower by the cute! i didn't even know what it was at first

look how huge the donut is! bigger than cassies hand!! and mmm it was delicious..although it probably had more calories than an entire meal...good thing we shared.

life is sooo beautiful!

well now that you've seen a ton of pictures...i hope you feel like you were on this trip with me! i love travelling but i hate planes and airports...maybe that means i should travel by yacht! LOL, until next time!!

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