Friday, May 21, 2010

More clothes...

I LOVE topshop/miss selfridges/dorothy perkins/warehouse/any other uk brand that we don't have in Los Angeles! Why are their clothes soooo cute?! Now that I understand their crazy sizing...I seriously wish I had a bigger closet. And I know I want to spend more money on experiences rather than things...but I am seriously depressed at the moment (well semi-depressed...i'm sure things could get a lot worse). I like to tell myself I deserve it...but that's just not the I'll have to say I'll try harder next time to stick to my goals of self improvement!! But until then...a look at some recent purchases...

tassels+studs= super cute (miss selfridges)

lazy lounge-y favorite kind of singapore outfit! (warehouse)

tie dye comfy shirt i bought 2 sizes to big to wear as a dress...(warehouse)

looove this vest...its 2 layers one waterfall-y and one structured one (topshop)

On the plus side all these purchases happened last week...and i haven't bought myself anything this week! i have such poor follow through at the moment...until next time!

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