Monday, March 14, 2011

So True....Soccer Fan I am not

I am changing my So True thing to be on any day because it is too hard for me to remember on Thursdays. Anyways, I was soooo busy last week with this big conference and we had a last minute event with some soccer stars. And like apparently everyone and their mothers know who these soccer stars are, but I had never heard of them. Do you recognize these people? (they get more famous the further you go!)

Well if you didn't recognize them, don't feel bad neither did I! They are Cobi Jones, Eric Cantona and Pele, who apparently is as big of a deal as Muhammad Ali, but I actually did not have the patience to finish reading the wikipedia article on him so I am not sure if that is correct. In fact, he is such a big deal that almost everyone I have met since I found out we were hosting this event, has known who he is! I even spent most of the time pretendning to know who he is...and agreeing that he is this super influential athlete when I still have no idea why he is SOOOO awesome. What is with the world's obsession with soccer? It seems like a bigger deal than the olympics, but its just one sport.

I mean guess I should be really impressed by meeting then, but instead they will forever be ingrained in my mind as the three soccer stars who made my life incredibly stressful for one week!

Picture from our event

So tell me this...are you a soccer fan??

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