Tuesday, March 15, 2011


J and I found this great restaurant in Raffles City (my favorite shopping mall in Singapore...I don't know if its just because its familiar since I spent lunch break there every day during my short stint at the hotel or if its just awesome) a while ago. It is called bibigo, but it wasn't until just last week when I went again that I realized that it is a chain! And there is one in LA!

It is supposedly healthy Korean food...they have variations of bibimbap and you can pick from white rice, brown rice, barley, or black pearl (no clue what that is). I always get brown rice. In the pictures it looks like full brown rice, but I think since they are cheap in Singapore they mix it with white rice, which is lame....but what can you expect in Singapore? Anyways you pick your rice, your sauce, and your meat/tofu. Its delicious and I like to pretend its healthy...anyways bibimbap is the only Korean food I really eat...so this is perfect for me!

I am not sure why bibigo impresses me so much...i think because it is a Korean chain that randomly has one shop in Singapore, one in LA (near UCLA) and one in Beijing...its just so randomly spread out and also it is sooo delicious. Finally something in my blog that people at home can check out too! Until next time lovelies, xxoo!

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