Wednesday, March 16, 2011

7 Current Obsessions

If you know me well, you probably know that I have the shortest attention span known to mankind and that I get crazy obsessed with things, but as quickly as these obsessions come they also disappear pretty quickly too. For instance if I find a dish I love I could eat every day for every meal and be totally happy...that is how deep my obsession can run. But this only lasts a few weeks until I move on to the next new thing. Here is a look at my current obsessions.

1. Hunger Games Trilogy

Well I read the books last summer and totally fell in love with the books and totally wished someone would make a movie out of the books because I wanted to see how some of the things described would look in real life. The friend who introduced me to the books thought that they wouldn't make a movie out of it because it would be too gruesome. Fastforward to March and a date has been set for the movie's release next year and everyone is talking about it! I am literally so excited I can't contain myself. For everyone who has read the books, I want to see what the fire costume will look like! After all the excitement I decided to re-read the books. And it only took me less than a week to re-read all three.

2. Broccoli Mac and Cheese Soup

My favorite thing to eat is probably soup. I LOVE soup...I am not sure why...but its just sooo delicious. And my favorite place to get soup in Singapore is The Soup Spoon. Every few weeks they have a new special soup and last year they had this AMAZING soup called Broccoli Mac and Cheese. It is basically broccoli cheese soup with some random macaroni. Its like the most delicious soup I have had in Singapore. I wish they would make it permanent. Its finally back this week and I have already had it twice! I could eat for every meal...literally!

3. Mila Kunis' Oscar Dress

I absolutely love this I am sure the rest of the world does. It is the perfect amount of sexy, romantic, lacey and girly. Aaah I seriously can't stop staring at all the details of this dress. I wish I was rich and could own a dress this perfect.

4. Jose Eber Clippless Curling Iron

There is a very limited selection of hair supplies in Singapore. Just last week I spent an hour with P at the mall looking for bobby pins and found NONE anywhere. So when I was in the market for a curling iron, I did't have too many options. But I have to say that my Jose Eber curling iron is awesome. Supposedly this is from Los Angeles (I don't remember ever seeing this there). It is clipless so I have to wear the glove or risk burning my hands...but I love how it makes both wavy beach hair and glamorous curls...and is so much easier for me to use than a normal curing iron. I am telling should go out and get one!

5. Bosu Ball

So P and I have been hitting the gym a lot and I have totally become obsessed with the Bosu ball. Like I've definitely seen it around...there was even a Bosu ball class at the spa when I used to work there. But I'm not sure why I've never really discovered its awesomeness until recently. It is fun to use because it is like a mini bouncy house but it also is such a great workout too. I wish there was Bosu ball class here!

6. Sky High Wedges

I love wedges..they are so comfy compared to normal heels, so it makes it easier to wear sky high ones. I just bought this pair from Pedro...and they are probably between 5 to 6 inches high! But they don't hurt much at all...and of course you remember the wedges I bought at haji lane here. I am loving wedges right now!

7. Gold Jewelry

I have always been more of a silver person...even my gold jewelry is white it looks silver. But lately I have been obsessed with yellow gold jewelry and lots of it! I think it started with some gold bangles I bought back at home...and then that gold necklace I bought in sri lanka...and now my most recent find this great gold necklace I ordered from shopbop. I am thinking that i want a few more bangles to add to my collection. I love layering tons of gold jewelry on right now...I am just a bit sad it doesnt match well with all my silver jewelry.

What are you obsessed with right now?

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Flightless said...

I was cruising the Sephora a week or so ago and wanted to get a single barrel curling wand! Except the few they had were expensive but looked awesome. (And I'm broke). They had one that had interchangeable barrels in 3 sizes.