Friday, March 18, 2011

Being a better me...a look back at how freakishly motivated I was

Remember one year ago (almost to the day) when I blogged about how I was going to be a better me and accomplish all these things?! Well they didn't really happen at all! Things were going great until I went home in June and started a new job and then everything fizzled out. I have to say that I am not nearly as unhappy as I was a year ago and I have a plan for my future that I am going to stick with so I think maybe I don't need all these little things to motivate me...but still maybe I should go back to them!

1. Learn spanish- living here has made me realize how important it is to know more languages in the hospitality world...and if i want to work in los angeles spanish will be very useful. a year later i did not finish my spanish class...the people in the class were too ridiculously retarded and it was painful to sit through. at least i tried?

2. Learn floral design- it seems soooo fun and and i think it will be great for event planning a year later i only finished the first beginner chunk of classes and never returned...even though i now live a 3 minute walk away. pretty pathetic as one of the reasons i wanted to live at my new apartment was how close the flower arranging place was!

3. Learn calligraphy- i totally need better handwriting a year later i have not been able to find a place to learn it in Singapore...i guess i should just practice myself

4. Start learning web design- ditto number two. I have to say that this new job has made me more familiar with how websites work...however i still really want to take a class on web/design stuff

5. Learn to cook actual food- i think this is inspired by this cooking for beginners book i saw at the bookstore. Erm all i can say is that i can make a really tasty sandwich now!

6. Exercise more/ just be healthier- if I am going to be this much more awesome person and love life more...well i need to be super healthy so I can enjoy life for a longer time. You know unless i die in a freak accident. Yay the first goal i actually succeeded in! I've been going to yoga for almost a year...and now p and i hit the gym a few times a week.

7. Practice chinese- i should take advantage of living in this crazy asian country right?! I think my chinese listening skills are much better now. And while crazy taxi drivers never understand my english (i have perfect english!) they can always understand my chinese!

8. Spend less money on things...and save it to spend on experiences- i want to be less materialistic i still like buying stuff and i doubt thats going to change.

9. Take yoga/pilates- it seems to make people more zen and i want to continue on this zen streak that i have been on totally have been going to yoga for a year! and people are right it makes me feel really zen

10. Read the newspaper at least twice a week- its scary how little i know about the current going ons of the world sometimes i read online news...but i have to say that reading the gives me i always worry about whats going right now im obsessed with learning more about japan bc i feel like something like this could happen in california and i think my home would be swallowed up for sure if it did!

11. Say YES to more things- i dont want to miss out on any opportunity because i am scared or worried what others will think i think i succeeded in this! in the last year i've done a lot more things i probably would have never tried at home. for instance i went on a vacation with some girl i barely knew...good experience but probably won't happen again!

12. Focus on me- sometimes i get caught up in what everyone else is doing and how i compare, but it really doesn't matter does it? I am my own person, and these 11 months I am going to focus on bettering myself! i think i am getting better at this?

13. Travel around Asia- if I am stuck in this place, I want to see all the amazing places that surround it total success! with about a trip a month planned this year...this is going to be a great year!

14. Stop HATING on Singapore- whether I like it or not I am stuck here for 11 more months, so maybe I can stop focusing on the negative and focus on the the great friends I have met! FAIL i still dislike singapore...however i don't think i complain about it as much!

15. Take more pictures- pictures are like moments in time, and I want to remember every moment I can when I am old! I have a new dslr camera that i took on two vacations so i think im slowly improving.

16. Wear Sunscreen- I have noticed that I am getting sun spot/freckles on my arms...and I don't want skin cancer i wear sunscreen more often and am freakishly pale now...but i don't wear it every day. I should right?

17. Read more- but not just easy summer beach reads, but also legitimate works of literature and business-y books. Does someone know of a good reading list/book I should read next? LOVE reading! I think my mind is in the right i own a bunch of great books...finishing them is another story.

18. Develop a basic understanding of wine- that just seems very important in the hospitality industry. And I already bought the Wine for Dummies book when I first got here so I really need to start reading that. total wine book is still unopened.

19. Network- even though it is Singapore and I have zero intentions of staying here longer than i have to...its good practice for when it actually counts. And I think I am terrible at networking!networking opportunities come often with this job...but i can't say i actively seek out opportunities to network.

20. Walk more- I really want those funny reebok-make-your-ass-look-great sneakers! And I also just realized how close to each other everything is in Singapore erm i have the fun sneakers but i still like taking the taxi!

There is still alot to work on for this year! Until next time, xxoo!


Flightless said...

I like your response to #8 :oD Shopping is the bestest!!!

S said...

lets go shopping when i come back!!