Monday, March 14, 2011

Glamorous Weekend

I have always wished that I had a glamorous life...where I could get all dolled up and wear fancy dresses often. Well two weekends ago I had a taste of the glamorous life and it was AMAZING!

Sometimes I love my comes with great perks like getting invites to some awesome events (ok some are the ones I I might be biased). But two weekends ago, at the end of our 2 day conference, we threw a reception at the ambassador's residence, and then the next day we were invited to the George Washington Ball! I mean these are events that I would have never been invited to if it weren't for my job!

Here are some pictures from the reception (which was my first solo-ish event at this job!)

The spread!

The spread part 2

Outback Steakhouse (yes we have that in Singapore too!) sponsored cocktails

And now for the George Washington Ball! Random fact, last year when I worked at a hotel (where by the way, if you are an important guest they stalk you online to find out every detail possible) we had this lady stay with us who is some awesome event planner, who did all the hit social events in Singapore. I totally wanted to be her and thought her work was sooo awesome. Well when I got to the ball, I saw her (random hotel guest online stalking totally paid off!) and was waay excited...and then I found out that she actually helped plan the event to make it more glamorous than it used to be. Such a random coincidence right?! Well it certainly was glamorous and a lot of fun...a great end to a stressful week!

such a gorgeous venue...Shangri-la Singapore

pretty table set up

theme= White tie & diamonds

j, me and p

Aren't you jealous? The best part of all these events is that I get fed for free...because that is what I spend all my money on in Singapore. I wish my life was always this awesome! Until next time lovelies, xxoo!

PS. the day after i had the most amazing massage ever in Singapore...checkout Wen Luxe Spa (service sucks as always in Singapore but the massages are heavenly!)

PPS...these aren't my pictures!

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