Saturday, July 10, 2010

Weekend Workout Adventure!

My legs feel like jello but I had a great day today. This morning started out with a trial workout (i love how you can try every fitness class in Singapore for free the first time!) at Croyez at Dempsey Hill. It is a power plate workout...where you basically stand on this vibrating machine while doing work out moves for intervals of less than a minute. But man, those one minute bursts were killer!! The excercises were so easy but the power plate made it sooooo difficult. The class was only 40 minutes...but it was one of the more intense workouts I've ever had. I probably would never take the class again because it made me a little nauseous and one class is $48!! Checkout this video!

Then X and Pa and I ate at the White Rabbit...this adorable restaurant at Dempsey thats in an adorable restored church...and to walk into the restaurant you walk in through the "rabbit hole". I love has such a great you're in some western country again and its so relaxed.

Then as if the powerplate workout was not enough, Pa and I went to yin yang yoga class at Pure on Orchard. I think Pa will join with me and I am sooo excited to have a yoga buddy now! We are going to motivate each other to try to go after work at least 3 times a week. I was under the impression that yin yang was really relaxing and easy but the first 40 minutes were sooo intense especially since my legs were so tired. Then we got to relax the last 30 minutes...but i feel sooo proud of us for working out so much!

Then we watched the greatest movie! Despicable me!!! AAAAAAAAH i want a tiny yellow minion. Or actually a few so they can be friends. It was so much more funny than i thought it would be and soooo cute. You all need to go out and watch it, as soon as possible!! In the 2 wks I've known X we've watched 3 movies together! One a week...but this one was my favorite!

I am loving the weekends...until next time, xxoo!

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