Sunday, July 25, 2010


Sooo to say this week has been a little stressful is a major understatement! It was a major week of much so that I went back to my not being able to fall asleep ways. To break it down for you in a short way...i had to make the decision to either stay at my apartment...and be broke...or find a place with my friend and be less broke. So we decided to live together...and look for a place together which proved to be more difficult than we thought it would be. The Singapore market moves unbelievably fast with in 2 days of seeing the apartments half of the ones we saw had offers! And we just wanted completely different things...

Do you ever wish for something but when it comes its just too late? Well that is exactly what happened to me this week. When it seemed that we couldn't reach a compromise and I had to decide whether or not to let this couple offer on my current place...I just wished for some honesty from my friend and a set decision. So we made this decision...and then I gave up my place.

BUT then 12 hours later he changed his mind...and I lost my apartment and had no where to go! (theres more to this story...but its already getting long)

So after some thought...and looking at a few rooms (i would be sharing with strangers and would never have a say on who i would live with) my parents decided i should go ahead with getting a 2 bedroom and find a roommate i could live with. So i wanted to offer on one of the places we saw over the weekend...except we were 12 hours too late! A new offer came in at a higher price and I was sooo devestated and just freaked out to my agent.

I told him there was no point in seeing without furniture that was provided and that I didn't even want to see any that had offers on them because it was too difficult and hearbreaking to not get an apartment you like. And somehow he worked his hour later he got me another 2 bedroom at the same complex for the same price, on the same floor, and the owners (who live in france) would give me money to furnish the place since they couldn't furnish it themselves. We basically put a verbal offer on it without seeing it...I had to meet him there in 15 minutes to get the deal signed.

I rushed there in a taxi...we went up to see the apartment...and it was better than the first one! There is a balcony overlooking the pool and its a bit bigger. Even though moving sounds exhausting...I am quite excited for this place...its sooo cute and still pretty close to town. Anyways while we were getting ready to settle the offer and put down the deposit...a couple who viewed the apartment earlier called to make an offer (thats how fast the housing market moves) but they were shut down. And at first my agent had scheduled the viewing for the next morning but luckily my freakout jumped him into action and he basically stalked this other agent down (the owner's agent even said my agent was so hardworking and must be a great guy to help me out sooo much so late at night). So now I am moving to here in 2 weeks! Isn't it cute? (yes i stole the pictures...but i will def take new ones once there is furniture and stuff)

yay i love pools!

Anyways I guess the lesson learned is that things always work out for the best...and even though i KNOW this it is soooo hard to trust that sometimes. Like at what point am I going to stop being this lucky and because lately it feels like i'm getting too much good luck but I am definitely not complaining!! Loving life at the moment!! Until, next time...xxoo

P.S. I went back for the souflee I mentioned here after 2 weeks of thinking about it with A! Delicious...

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