Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Relaxing weekends!

Before when I worked at my old job I had this terrible anxiety that would never go away. I could barely ever fall asleep without taking allergy medicine...but I'm pretty sure that was in my mind that I had to. I also sometimes had this crazy feeling in my feet and hands when i was trying to fall asleep they would feel like I was losing circulation...even if i had been just laying in the same position on the couch without that happening. It was like ALL this anxiety combined made it so i could never sleep well. And from all that lack of sleep I needed at least a double shot in my latte to be functioning in the morning.

Whenever it was Friday, I was already dreading Monday...and spent the rest of the weekend dreading Monday. I never wanted to go out because I was so exhausted...somedays I would spend just watching tv ALL day (but I also love tv). Life wasn't terrible, I was complacent.

But ever since I got back, ie since I started my new job I have been sleeping so well...just like I used to. I have so much more energy that I don't even drink coffee any more. And its like I am living in this light that I wasn't before. I got so used to this less great version of life, that I forgot what it was like to be truly happy and fulfilled.

These past 2 weekends have been SOOO great. I don't dread Mondays anymore...and I am so happy hopefully life stays this great. Its a bit late, but I had a great weekend last week.

If first started with teasing my hair and making it 4th of July-y and it actually working!! This picture sucks, but don't you love the Flightless headband?! Adorable right?

Then I got to be super American by helping out at a 4th of July event in Singapore...where you could take pictures with these great cardboard cutouts such as...


I also got to go to this amazing spa called Wayan Retreat. Its near Arab st...which is surprising and sooo cute. When you walk in its like a pool of water and you have to step across these flat bricks to get across...and walking to the treatment room it looks like this.

And we got this great deal that included a massage, a wrap, a scrub and a hair treatment. It was sooo amazing and relaxing and made my skin sooo smooth and my hair so soft. It was heaven..I only wish that it was that cheap always...not just for your first time.

Later, while still near Arab st. (who knew this area was so awesome!)  P took me to this great Turkish restaurant. It was super good and crowded, which means other people thought it was great as well. We shared hummus, falafels and this spinach and cheese deliciousness. I can't wait to again for the hummus!

The weekend of course included brunch at my favorite ps cafe with new friends and old. And a screening of Eclipse! Which I thought was sooo good because it was just like the book. I wish they could go back in time and remake the first one again...because that one was terrible. Anyways, last weekend was great and I can't wait until the next one, until next time!


Flightless said...

Yay headband!!! I want to take a picture with the Hillary cutout in a way that will promote my headbands. Then I could use the picture as an advertisement like my Hillary car window sticker!

I'm sooooo glad to read that your new job is SO much better! Maybe I should up and quit school? Just kidding. Only a little stretch left and I'm done.

Flightless said...
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