Sunday, July 18, 2010


Sooo I love desserts...and I have had some great ones in the last few weeks. I actually don't think that it is the sugar i love so much as i love everything and anything that is here are a few of my recent faves!

Cupcakes with macaroons on top!! wow!

mmm...chocolate molten cake from Laurent's Cafe and Chocolate Bar. I really want to try their souflees next time!!

We had a cupcake party at my house! i love decorating cupcakes...

cute right?!

Ok and i thought i would close of this entry with this picture...i am in love with reading event/wedding planning blogs...and i saw the most amazing wedding cake on green wedding shoes of a wedding inspired by the movie UP. the wedding was gorgeous and i am in love with this cake! macaroons+cake=my dream come true! how cute is this cake?! Gosh, i love chocolate...until next time kiddies! much do you love the new blog logo by Flightless?! My bestie sure is talented!!

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Flightless said...

That souffle reminds me of the one that Ive had! When Matt and I spent the weekend at Newport/Irvine, we ate at a French restaurant and we got the chocolate souffle (my first ever) and it was SOOOO good!!!