Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One Year

So I did not even notice this until the end of the day...but one year ago today I arrived in Singapore! I can't believe how fast time has gone by, and how much things have changed!

I can't even explain it, but even though soo much has changed and I think I have grown so much as a person...it also feels like time stopped last year when I moved to Singapore. It still feels like yesterday when I was living at home and just having a great summer at home and dreading Singapore. But now, I have no idea when I'll be living in Los Angels again.

When I think back about everything that I have experienced this year, and all the great people I have met...I still can't believe I am here. I never wanted to live in another country and now I am making a life here...it feels comfortable to be here. I am pretty happy at the moment. Life is sooo unpredictable sometimes!

So thanks Singapore for making our first year together such a great life changing kind of year! I am looking forward to another year of fun (and hopefully some visitors)! Until next time, xxoo!

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