Wednesday, January 6, 2010


LOVE!!! Its inside my favorite new mall 313...seriously this place cannot get any better. Marche is amazing...its my new my favorite restauramt. Its like a marketplace full of amazing food stations, and its all western food! Its super cute and decorated like a swiss farmhouse, and you get this fun swipey card when walk in. Inside its like a food court BUT you just use your swipe card and you can get a bit of everything...crepes, pizza, pasta, fresh veggies, soup, fresh baked bread and of course meat things. There is also a station of freshmade drinks, and an amazing dessert station with fondue!! Then when you're done and ready to leave you just hand them your swipe card and pay. The whole experience makes me nostlagic for dorm days...but with GREAT food. I think we need to franchise this in america!!

look at all those vegetables!

funny cute uniforms! those carbs!

awesome dessert station...

freshly made crepes!

Marche is amazing...I only wish it was cheaper. I am not doing so great at my money saving resolution....but life is great!


Flightless said...

I like the back of those chairs! Are the crepes as good Creme de la Crepe?

S said...

noooo theyre not! they don't have many options.