Sunday, January 17, 2010

beach day!

Ok maybe i was a bit harsh on singapore yesterday. Maybe if everyone learned to be more considerate, polite and compassionate it would be great.
I had an amazing day today....well except for the sunburn. Today was great....laying on the beach all day at Azzura Beach Club. The place is covered in comfy couches and day beds....and there is no minimum fee to spend to sit down. Theres even a pool and water sports. How beautiful is that?!

comfy chairs right by the ocean

before we both got lobster red!

beach decadence....

how hilarious is this swan bed?! and you have to reserve it before hand thats how popular it is

there was a randomly a foam pool! but we were only in there for a second bc im pretty sure the little kids were in there peeing....

I think i'm going to be a regular of this beach club...i only wish it was easier to get too. Can't wait until next weekend...we have another beach trip planned! I only have to get through this horror of a work week...until next time, xxoo!

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