Sunday, January 3, 2010

last day of splurging

My new year's resolution for 2010 is to spend less money...and maybe to eat less desserts...but only maybe because i LOVE desserts!

 i spent a ton of money shopping/taking taxis/eating/pampering myself in the months i've been in singapore...always telling myself that i deserved it because my life sucked here (which it doesn't but i like to pretend that it does). but who am i kidding...i would've spent just that much at home probably. anyways i decided that 2010 wont actually start for me until monday...and i could pretend this weekend was part of 2009. starting tomorrow i will make a conscious effort to save money i promise! but today i spent SGD150 and bought the greatest things....

1. a blackberry!! so its just the blackberry 8520, a super basic blackberry...but i'm super excited to use it. i do feel a bit sad for my iphone. i'm even more excited that it was only SGD48.00! now all i have to do is figure out how to use it.

2. a great charles & keith purse. you have no idea how in love with this store i am. its so affordable and so trendy. its a great place to buy trendy shoes and accessories...its the like the forever 21 of accessories! i've been eyeing this bag and finally decided to get it. and as it was the display bag i got a discount!!

3. two super cute dresses from bysi. bysi is by far my fave singapore clothing brand. at first i was shocked it was singaporean...but like charles and keith i adore it. and they were having the greatest sale today! i scored two dresses for SGD50.00...super cheap! the only sad thing was i saw this cute blouse i bought a few weeks ago on sale for 70% off. but we're not going to think about it, instead we're going to think about how much i love this brand.

and to end the perfect day of shopping i ate at my new favorite food court at 313 (my way of "saving money", spending SGD4.00 on a meal). this was the perfect weekend of tv watching and not looking forward to work tomorrow. until next time kiddies...xxoo!

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