Saturday, January 16, 2010

10 things I hate about you

Dear Singapore,

I am sorry I tried as hard as I could to like you but i don't think we can be friends. You and I just not meant to be.

I hate how the weird smell of durian follows me around.

I hate how no one ever holds the door, or gives way...instead you walk into me as if i don't exist

I hate how you always kick me when I am down, and you enjoy it.

I hate how you pick your nose in public as if no one else coud see you.

I hate how crowded you are.

I hate how far away you are from America.

I hate how you made up a language and try to pass it off as English...guess what you're not speaking English.

I hate how materialistic and shallow you are.

I hate how HOT you are.

But most of all, I hate how I am stuck here without a choice.

Singapore...I am sorry, its you not me. We aren't going to last.


Janet said...

whaaaatup with all the negative flowing out 2 marina blvd?!!

ahh you really shouldn't hang out with J-substitute no more! bad influence

S said...

lol got another day planned with her! miss you...hope the other j-substitute comes!